Crossword January 2012

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  • 1. Lac Suis comses from this animal.
  • 2. Town in which Samuel Hahnemann was born.
  • 3. The daily period when syphilinum suffers most.
  • 4. This remedy is worse in dry cold weather, better in damp weather and craves smoked foods.
  • 5. The tincture of this acid remedy is used to etch glass.
  • 6. Belladonna, Pulsatilla and Nux vomica are most associated with this side of the body.
  • 7. The keynote is yellow saddle across cheeks.
  • 8. The mountaineer's remedy for altitude sickness.
  • 9. Homeopathic remedy made from St. John's Wort
  • 10. Homeopathic remedy made from Spanish Fly
  • 11. Number of series in Jan Scholten's periodic table system.
  • 12. City in Scotland which is home to famous homeopathic hospital.
  • 13. Top remedy for black eye from a blow.
  • 14. Parotidinum has been used to prevent this childhood disease.
  • 15. This mercurius is a top remedy for Diphtheria.


  • 16. This remedy is chilly, worse from drafts, perspires easily on head and feet, is constipated and covers ill effects of vaccinations.
  • 17. Yersina Pestis Nosode is used to prevent this epidemic disease.
  • 18. Greek Homeopath who won the Right Livelihood Award.
  • 19. This important heart remedy has a feeling of band around some part of the body.
  • 20. This remedy strongly desires spicy food and also gets strong aggravations and ailments from it.
  • 21. Most frequently indicated remedy for threatened miscarriage in the first 8 months. History of miscarriage. Chilly but wants fresh air.
  • 22. The remedy made from this acid craves fat and salt, has splinter-like pains, is chilly.
  • 23. Lac Defloratum comes from this animal
  • 24. This remedy has thick, ropey discharges, weak digestion, cancerous affections, constipation without urging, aggr bread.
  • 25. A remedy with severe cramping pains whose modaliity is opposite that of colocynth.
  • 26. Father of American Homeopathy
  • 27. Granatum or pomegranate has been used to expel this segmented parasite.
  • 28. This class of neurons carry impulses from sense organs to the central nervous system.
  • 29. Homeopathic remedy made from Wild Hops.
  • 30. Borrelia burgdorferi is the nosode of this disease.

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