Crossword December 2011

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  • 1. Patients needing Ledum have puncture wounds that feel this way to the touch.
  • 2. Agaricus , Bovista, Secale and Ustilago all belong to this botanical order.
  • 3. This nosode feels hurried, has chronic pelvic diseases, everything seems unreal, like in a dream.
  • 4. This insect remedy is inimical to rhus tox
  • 5. This plant based remedy is used in tincture to prevent infection in wounds and in potency for burns.
  • 6. This remedy is obese, chilly, has cracked skin, is constipated. You can write with the crude substance.
  • 7. Hahnemann was born in this town.
  • 8. Clean cuts and surgical wounds require this remedy.
  • 9. Castor equi is useful in cracked and ulcerated nipples of nursing women. It is made from this four legged animal.
  • 10. Butyric acid is obtained chiefly from this fatty food.
  • 11. Ths primitive animal remedy has barking cough, fear of suffocation during sleep, descending colds, fear of heart disease.
  • 12. Menstrual cramps coming on suddenly with throbbing, fullness and right sided pain, probably need this remedy.
  • 13. This Nux has ailments accompanied by drowsiness. Sudden change of temper.


  • 14. Mephitis is an important remedy in whooping cough and is made from the secretion of this furry creature.
  • 15. Arum triphyullum is often indicated in complete loss of this function.
  • 16. This acid was once used as an antiseptic and in potentized form is important in reactions to bee stings.
  • 17. Samual Hahnemman's father was a painter of this ceramic substance.
  • 18. This arachnid produces cardiac failure with with numbness of the left hand and arm.
  • 19. Sarcolactic acid is an important remedy in the severe form of this seasonal disease.
  • 20. This mineral remedy is inimical to Mercurius
  • 21. This remedy, made from the fungus ergot, is important in gangrene of hands and feet.
  • 22. Jaborandii, sometimes called Pilocarpus, is often used in this childhood disease.
  • 23. This remedy is almost specific for blindness after being struck by lightning. Green halo around candle light.
  • 24. Sulphur Calc Lyc follow in that order. Aconite, Spongia and ______ do the same.
  • 25. Adrenalinum, Cholesterinum and Thyroidinum belong to this class of remedies.
  • 26. This carbonicum is worse from the heat of summer.
  • 27. She was once president of the American Institute of Homeopathy. Elizabeth Wright ___________.
  • 28. In heart disease with scanty urine and albuminuria - this serum of this creature may be indicated.
  • 29. Dr. Jugal Kishore developed a form of this using cards.
  • 30. Patients needing this acid are difficult to deal with and unmoved by apology. Chilly, splinter-like pains.

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