Crossword November 2011

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  • 1. This opiate remedy is indicated in difficult breathing after being struck by lightning.
  • 2. This carbonicum is used for shock after surgical operations.
  • 3. Flat parasitic worm acquired from eating infected pork, beef or fish.
  • 4. This gout remedy can't bear odor of food. Coldness in stomach and much prostration.
  • 5. Apprehension from pleasant surpirses is a symptom of this remedy made from a common stimulant.
  • 6. Nat mur, Nat carb, Glonoin and Pulsatilla suffer the effects of this heavenly body.
  • 7. This remedy has prolapse of the uterus and crossing the legs amelioratres.
  • 8. Childhood condition marked by loud barking or metallic cough, difficulty breathing and fever.
  • 9. The cricothyroid muscle is located on this organ.
  • 10. This nosode fears the night from the exhaustion on waking.
  • 11. Phytolacca and Asterias rubens have an affinity for this female organ.
  • 12. Reye's syndrome can be a side effect of this common analgesic, when given to children.
  • 13. Type of alcohol used to preserve water potencies.
  • 14. Town in Germany where Hahnemann's house is preserved.
  • 15. This carbonicum can't stand to hear cruelties and fears people will observe her confusion.


  • 16. This acid has exhaustion and indifference due to grief.
  • 17. Persevering in a job that is physically or mentally demanding and wanting the result to be durable or long lasting suggest this metal remedy in Sholten's model.
  • 18. Two remedies that have falling of the hair during pregnancy are Sepia and ---------------
  • 19. Phosphorus, Spongia and Stannum and most closely associated with this miasm.
  • 20. Important stomach remedy (catarrh, cancer) with the keynote of painful cracks in the corner of mouth.
  • 21. Symphoricarpus racemosa is indicated for this symptom during pregnancy.
  • 22. Calcarea carbonicum and Baryta carb are most associated with this miasm.
  • 23. Bad effects of this common condiment can be helped by carbo veg or phosphorus.
  • 24. This irritable, warm, thirsty remedy has aggravation at 9pm.
  • 25. This remedy is useful in miscarriage from bad news. Dull, drowsy, thirstless.
  • 26. Ceanothus and Quercus have a particular affinity for this organ.
  • 27. Remedy for thrush. The crude substance is used for cleaning.

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