Crossword October 2011

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  • 1. Ranunculous is often indicated in this acute inflammation of nerve ganglia that manifests with skin eruption.
  • 2. This homeopath from the 1800's developed a Card Repertory General Analysis
  • 3. This acid is unmoved by apology, has splinter-like pains, craves fat and salt.
  • 4. Night blooming cereus
  • 5. This remedy is indicated in puncture wounds that feel cold to the touch, but are better from cold application.
  • 6. Koplik's spots in the mouth are a confirmation of this childhood disease.
  • 7. This metal works best in weak, anemic persons who flush easily. Slight noises unbearable
  • 8. Another name for hydrocyanic acid.
  • 9. This precious metal remedy is haughty, condescending. Gradual onset, numbness.
  • 10. A single white streak in the hair is often found in this miasm.
  • 11. Phytolacca is the vegetable analogue of this shiny metal.
  • 12. When blood flow to the body is dramatically reduced, the patient ma go into this dangerous acute state.
  • 13. Graphites, Psorinum and Petroleum have an affinity for this large organ.
  • 14. This source of this nosode is a spirochete
  • 15. Pertussis is also known as this kind of cough.
  • 16. Plumbum is associated with this planet which is between Jupiter and Uranus.
  • 17. This snake remedy is inimical to psorinum


  • 18. In Boston, she made house calls in a Rolls Royce. Homeopath Dr. Elizabeth Wright -----------.
  • 19. Socrates drank the tincure of this remedy.
  • 20. This acid has caries of long bones, better from cold, delusion that betrothal must be broken.
  • 21. Important remedy in panaritum. Hastens suppuration more than hepar or silica. Traumatic infections.
  • 22. This acid has debility, slides down in bed, involuntary stool on urinating, perspiration on turning.
  • 23. Fluorine, Chlorine ---------, Iodine
  • 24. This acid is useful in brain fatigue and was once used as an explosive.
  • 25. This remedy is the chronic of Pulsatilla.
  • 26. He produced the 10 volume Guiding Symptoms from his 50 years on practice.
  • 27. Coffea and cocculus have this relationship
  • 28. This acid feels hurried, craves stimulants. Water causes coldness of stomach. Bad effects of mechanical injuries.
  • 29. An important prophylactic remedy for polio.
  • 30. Parotidinum is considered prophylactic for this disease.

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