Crossword September 2011

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  • 1. Toadstool remedy for chillbains. Twitching, jerking, worse cold.
  • 2. Patients with this miasm are alert, with keen active minds, full of worry and easily fatigued..
  • 3. Petroleum is one of the best remedies for poisoning by this heavy metal.
  • 4. This natrum is worse from dampness, lying on left side and injuries to the head.
  • 5. Oscillococcinum is a popular remedy for this ailment.
  • 6. Remedy covering severe cramping pain better from bending backward.
  • 7. Which of these remedies is NOT driven to be naked.. Phos, Calc, Hyos, Stram, Bell.
  • 8. This metal remedy is associated with great weakness felt in the chest and hollow sensation. Too weak to talk.
  • 9. Type of alcohol used to make remedies.
  • 10. Remedy for inflammatiom made from Oyster shell and Sulphur.
  • 11. This Kali salt is important in glue ear.
  • 12. Is a tinea infection due to a virus, fungus or bacteria?
  • 13. Chilly, clumsy, dirty, indolent, homesick
  • 14. Mag Phos is the inorganic analogoue of this plant remedy.
  • 15. This tarentula remedy is sometimes indicated in gangrene.
  • 16. The Halogens consist of Fluorine, Chlorine, Bromine and ---------


  • 17. If you hadn't enough bottles to make a remedy by the Hahnemannian method, you could use this method instead.
  • 18. Viola odorata is aggravated from hearing this instrument played.
  • 19. Mercurius may help wth the bad effects of this sweetener.
  • 20. The snake from which Lachesis is made.
  • 21. This heart valve allows the blood to flow from the left atrium into the left ventricle.
  • 22. This remedy made from tar phenols, has decay of teeth as fast as they rise past the gums. Vaginal and Cervical excoriation.
  • 23. Physostigma is used especially for problems with this this organ system.
  • 24. Cardus Marianus has a special affinity for this organ.
  • 25. In aphorisms 185-203, Hahnemann discusses these types of maladies which he says are an outward expression of an inward problem.
  • 26. Which is these children is least likely to be afraid of people? Lycopodium or Tuberculinum
  • 27. Country that Dr. Frederick Hervey Quin practiced in.
  • 28. This heart valve controls blood flow between the right atrium and the right ventricle.
  • 29. Which of these remedies is NOT listed for suppressed anger? Carcinosin, Phosphorus, Colocynth, Staphisagria

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