Crossword August 2011

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  • 1. For heart problems Crategus is generally prescribed : high low tincture
  • 2. In Jan Scholten's Schema, the period of life where you learn your trade is the series of : Silver Gold Ferrum
  • 3. The Arndt-Schultz Law suggests that minimum doses : inhibit stimulate destroy ........cellular activity
  • 4. This remedy has ..Feels his heart will cease unless constantly on the move.
  • 5. Clumsy, fat, dirty, indolent children with homesickness. Dread air and exercise. The remedy ?
  • 6. Under masculine women
  • 7. Murphy's repertory lists Nat mur and this remedy --------------.
  • 8. If the patient has many detailed mental symptoms, would the best repertory be : Boenninghausen or Kent ?
  • 9. Arum triphyllum is worse from this common activity.
  • 10. The Principles and Art of Cure by Homoeopoathy was authored by: Mathur Roberts Hubbard
  • 11. This Kali remedy in physiological doses was once used as a sedative.
  • 12. Sinusitis with yellow mucus, worse from draft, cold, touch. Irritable and sneezing. Pulsatilla? Silica? Hepar? Kali bi?
  • 13. This remedy is often considered a specific for breech position of the fetus.
  • 14. Arsenicum album can produce a hardening of the skin often comprared to this paper-like material made from sheepskin.
  • 15. If the patient had reversed peristalsis, which of these might be indicated: Colocynth Pulsatilla Asafoetida


  • 16. This gassy remedy is averse to the idea of marriage.
  • 17. Allopaths generally precribe an NSAID due to : Hemorrhage Inflammation Anuria
  • 18. Inactivity of the intestines often yields to this remedy, which is made from a light metal.
  • 19. The Synoptic Matera Medica was written by: Morrison Vermeulen Nash
  • 20. Which of these remedies does NOT produce hypertension? Aurum, Lachesis, Thyroidinum, Natrum mur
  • 21. Conium, Cubeba and Lycopodium all share stools which are : Hot Cold Bluish
  • 22. Yellow fever is attributed to a : Virus Protozoan Bacteria
  • 23. Dengue fever is mostly spread by this insect.
  • 24. The bowel nosode most associated with violent temper, kicking,striking, hysteria is : Dys CO, Proteus, Morgan coli
  • 25. Delirium, strikes, bites, kicks, worse drafts, jarring. Pains disappear suddenly. The remedy?
  • 26. Boenninghausen was originally a : allopath archeologist lawyer
  • 27. Which of these remedies is NOT found under the rubric obesity? Calc, Capsicum, Tuberculinum, Graphites
  • 28. The metatarsals are bones in the : Head Chest Foot
  • 29. This halogen remedy has Ravenous hunger but loses flesh.
  • 30. A slow weak pulse is most indicative of Digitalis Lachesis Bryonia
  • 31. Sanguinaria is generally considered to be a ----------- sided remedy.

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