Crossword July 2014

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  • 1. An important remedy for nerve damage. The herb is useful in depression.
  • 2. This elemental remedy was used as an antiseptic. Loss of flesh with great appetite.
  • 3. The disease caused by Borrelia Burgdorferi is commonly known as this.
  • 4. In the U.S., a prejudiced report on medical schools influenced the future of homeopathy. It was written by Abraham --------------
  • 5. Famous German banking family who used Hahnemann's services in Paris.
  • 6. Common name for pilocarpus, a remedy useful in mumps.
  • 7. This plant remedy may help with altitude sickness.
  • 8. These remedies all have fear of this domestic animal:: absin bac calc-ar chin elaps med plb psor sil sulph syph TUB
  • 9. Rhodoendron is worse before this climatic event.
  • 10. Pothos is an asthma remedy for persons whose asthma is worse from inhaling this.
  • 11. Homeopath who first proved Lachesis.
  • 12. Frageria in high potency may be useful for people allergic to this fruit.
  • 13. This remedy made is made from sunlight. Used for burns.
  • 14. Caladium seg. modifies the craving for this common stimulant.


  • 15. Petroleum symptoms are generally aggravated during this season.
  • 16. This medical organization in the U.S. once allowed homeopaths to join, only if they denounced homeopathy.
  • 17. Ths remedy is made from Indian Tobacco. It produces impeded respiration and feelng as if heart would stop.
  • 18. This chilly remedy is worse from draft and touch. Low potencies promote suppuration. It has fear of bees.
  • 19. Spider remedy sometimes useful for angina.
  • 20. This acid remedy covers many of the side effects of antibiotics.
  • 21. These remedies have fear of this class of animals: aesc, apis, arg bar-s bufo calc-ar calc-p calc-s chin ign kali c, lyss, Nat m
  • 22. Vanilla Planifolia is know for its affinity to this very large organ.
  • 23. This acid remedy can dispell the effects of some anesthestics.
  • 24. The remedy from the coral snake produces right sided paralysis. Black hemorrhage from lungs.
  • 25. Oleum Jecoris, used sometimes for emaciation in children, is made from the oil of this fish.
  • 26. This contemporary American homeopath created an alphabetic repertory that includes clinical conditions.
  • 27. This deep blue dye remedy is useful for epilepsy with sadness and also sciatica.
  • 28. Nat mur, Phos and Carbo veg may all be of help after abuse of this common condiment.

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