Crossword June 2014

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  • 1. ARS, CANTH, CARB-AC, CAUST and NAT-C are all used for ill effects of this type of injury.
  • 2. Remedy for delirium with desire to tear clothing and coldness of the surface of the body, with cold sweat.
  • 3. In dentition when the child worries and must be tossed and patted all night. Teeth decay rapidly.
  • 4. This metallic remedy has paralysis from cerebral softening, from suppressed foot sweat. Vertigo, trembling and numbness.
  • 5. In sore mouth this acid remedy is indicated if pricking pains,aphthae, gums whitish.
  • 6. Do Rhus, Sepia, Kalmia, Causticum and Gelsemium produce paralysis of the upper or lower eyelid?
  • 7. In Peritonitis this remedy has abdomen swollen, tense, sensitive, can't bear weight of clothes or jarring.
  • 8. In diabetes this anxious remedy has unquenchable thirst, great hunger; dry mouth, excessive urination and loss of strength.
  • 9. The first women's medical college in the world was a homeopathic college founded in 1848 in this U.S. city.
  • 10. This precious metal remedy has self-exaltation and self-esteem. Her laughter is loud and boisterous with marked mania.


  • 11. American homeopath (1849-1929) who practiced in San Francisco for 50 years and wrote a popular materia medica.
  • 12. This homeopath was born in New York, on March 31, 1849..He was a Swedenborgian and proponent of high potencies.
  • 13. In mumps this remedy is indicated if swelling is pale, the jaws are stiff; much pain and salivation. salivation.
  • 14. Homeopath Peter Chappell developed Vital Remedies, which uses this form of vibration to deliver remedy frequencies.
  • 15. Mind; fear of approaching; others, lest he will be broken. The remedy?
  • 16. This remedy has sneezing, lachrymation in open air. Throat pain < on empty swallowing. Sneezing shakes the whole body.
  • 17. Calcarea and Kali Carb both have amorous dreams before this monthly female function.
  • 18. Remedy for ailments from mechanical injuries, hemorrhages from injuries, injuries to the soft parts accompanying fractures.

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