Crossword August 2014

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  • 1. Hantavirus is most often carried by this member of the order Rodentia.
  • 2. This remedy ia member of the Ranunculaceae family. It is worse from warmth, desires open air and is generally thirstless.
  • 3. There are two types of hernia, inguinal and _________.
  • 4. Delirium remedy with obscene talk, gestures and foolish laughter.
  • 5. A diaper rash that is dry, red and scaly may need this elemental remedy.
  • 6. The tincture of this plant plant of the family fabaceae, stimulates appetite and improves nultrition after illness.
  • 7. Sticta is a member of this family of remedies.
  • 8. Ignatia is inimical to this plant remedy often used in nausea.
  • 9. Meningitis often produces a characteristic stiffness in this part of the body.
  • 10. Conium is inimical to this nosode.
  • 11. The English name for the familly of remedies that includes Mandragora, Belladonna, Capsicum and Stramonium.l belong to this family of remedies.
  • 12. This remedy, made from a snake indigenous to North America, fits many symptoms of Ebola.
  • 13. This remedy should never follow phosphorus.
  • 14. Often useful in mastitis, Kent called this remedy the vegetable mercury. Worse cold, damp. Pain radiates to whole body.
  • 15. Cystitis with pain in thighs during urination, bright red sediment, thick mucus in urine. The remedy?
  • 16. Camphora is inimical to this plant remedy often used in injury..
  • 17. This mineral remedy is inimical to mercurius.


  • 18. Bell and Lach are both inimical to this worse from dampness remedy.
  • 19. This nosode has been successfully used to prevent smallpox.
  • 20. This remedy is inimical to both Bryonia and Baryta carb.
  • 21. Ranunculus inimical to this suppressed anger remedy.
  • 22. A plant remedy used in Parkinson's with excessive trembling and weakness, difficulty swallowing, staggering gait.
  • 23. Phosphorus is inimical to this insect remedy.
  • 24. Fecal impaction with constant ineffectual urging. Prior to the impaction, the stools were hard black balls. The remedy?
  • 25. Acid remedy often useful for post-influenza weakness. Craves fruits, blue circles around eyes.
  • 26. Cinchona is inimical to this puncture wound remedy.
  • 27. Nux and Zincum are both inimical to this plant remedy often used in teething pain.
  • 28. Remedy for Bruxism associated with threadworms.
  • 29. Apis is inimical to this restless remedy.

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