Crossword January 2014

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  • 1. Famous Homeopath 1838-1917, author of Leaders in Homoeopathic Therapeutics.
  • 2. This natrum laughs paradoxically at serious matters.
  • 3. Group VI on the periodic table contains this element, used in making filaments for lightbulbs.
  • 4. Varicella nosode is sometimes a useful prophylactic for this childhood disease.
  • 5. This acid remedy is important in gout and arthritis. Urine smells like horse's urine.
  • 6. People with Parkinson's disease have been found to have low levels of this neurotransmitter.
  • 7. Obese, flabby, craves pepper and is homesick.
  • 8. The tongue of Natrum phos patients is often coated this color.
  • 9. This remedy is one of best antidotes for lead poisoning. The crude form is used to make gasoline.
  • 10. This remedy is incompatible with Causticum and Apis.
  • 11. Dr. Thomas P. Paschero 1904 1986 was an important figure in homeopathy in this country.
  • 12. This gland is sometimes referred to as the third eye. It produces melatonin.
  • 13. This chronic fear remedly has the delusion she is riding horses.
  • 14. Gradual paralysis, contraction of tendons, raw burning pain, craves smoked food. This remedy is better in damp weather.
  • 15. This Calc is often useful in tapeworm. It works by altering the terrain.


  • 16. SSRI drugs block re- uptake of this neruotransmitter.
  • 17. Tabacum is incompatible with this grief remedy.
  • 18. This remedy often needed in puncture wounds, is aggravated by foggy weather.
  • 19. In this Central European country, both medical doctors and non-medically qualified practitioners are allowed to use homeopathy.
  • 20. Laughng ending in profuse perspiration is a keynote of this remedy.
  • 21. Stramonium is incompatible wth this remedy that is derived from a common beverage.
  • 22. Your acute patient has a red, hot face, spasms and is seeing a red halo around lights. She probably needs this remedy.
  • 23. On the periodic table, Pd is the abbreviation for this element.
  • 24. This remedy is inimical to Silica.
  • 25. Dark red face, delusional, tongue feels burned, looks intoxicated. This is an important remedy in plague.
  • 26. A stage fright remedy. When she gets acutes, she has chills up the back.
  • 27. This patient has hard, black earwax and and is worse from warmth. She may need this remedy.
  • 28. When some part of the body projects itself outside it's natural cavity, it is often referred to as this.
  • 29. A warm blooded kali. Thick, green, foul discharges.

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