Crossword February 2014

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  • 1. This remedy is worse in a warm closed room, craves open air and desires peanut butter.
  • 2. Boenninghausen focused on Location, Sensation, Modality and this ___________
  • 3. This remedy has sudden onset and is worse from noise, light, drafts and being jarred.
  • 4. This rubric corresponds to apathy in Kent's Repertory
  • 5. Bloating unrelieved by eructation, worse from slight touch but better from hard pressure, suggests this remedy.
  • 6. These remedies all fear this class of animals: apis arg bar-s bufo calc-ar calc-p calc-s chin ign KALI-C lyss NAT-M op
  • 7. What the R stands for in SRP symptoms.
  • 8. A patient who is over critical of others, always fault finding, might be describd by this rubric in Kent's Repertory.
  • 9. Ths remedy finds use in cuts from razors and other sharp objects.
  • 10. A patient is always ordering other people around. This rubric in Kent's Repertory fits such bossy people.
  • 11. This hot, elemental remedy loses flesh while having a great appetite.
  • 12. This rubric in Kent's Repertory means indecisive.


  • 13. Belladonna, Glonoine and Natrum Carbonicum are among the remedies worse from exposure to this.
  • 14. All these remedies fear this natural occurrance during storms: bell cycl dig dpt lach phos phys sil taosc
  • 15. Homeopathic remedy made from the female hormone estrone.
  • 16. The patient always steals things.. The rubric in Kent's Repertory would be __________
  • 17. During this epidemic in Leipzig in 1813,. Hahnemann treated 180 cases of tis disease, losing only two patients.
  • 18. Foul breath, worse after perspiring, worse at night, < lying on right side, points to this remedy.
  • 19. This acid remedy is sometimes helpful in ailments caused by use of antibiotics.
  • 20. These are some of the remedies that fear this natural restorative function: HYDR-AC, LACH, LED, NUX-M, RHUS-T, SYPH
  • 21. If your patient breaks things, you might look up this rubric in Kent's Repertory.
  • 22. This fast acting, sudden onset, acute remedy is useful for pain after removal of catheters.
  • 23. Italian scientist who arrived at this constant : 6.02214X1023
  • 24. Fifty six remedies fear poverty, but this one, a nosode, fears poverty, in spite of being prosperous.
  • 25. The patient has a septic condition, foul secretions, high fever and low pulse. The remedy is probably ___________
  • 26. These remedies have fear of this common household pet: absin bac calc-ar chin elaps med plb psor sil sulph syph TUB

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