Crossword December 2013

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  • 1. This nerve protective remedy is useful in crude form as an antidepressant.
  • 2. A Kentian rubric describing someone who breaks things.
  • 3. The major Kentian rubric for apathy.
  • 4. In Kent's Repertory, a workaholic could be repertorized using this rubric.
  • 5. A symptom that is absolutely certain and indispensible for the case may be used as an _________ rubric.
  • 6. This remedy is made from a common beverage. Sudden impulse to kill. Sleepless from mental activity.
  • 7. A Kentian rubric that describes someone who is indecisive.
  • 8. The modern term for Mania a potu consists of these two letters.
  • 9. Dorsera is usually associated with this miasm.
  • 10. The Kentian rubric for stubborn.
  • 11. This snake remedy is worse from slight touch but better from hard pressure. Better form discharges.
  • 12. This red faced, angry, uncivil remedy has convulsions from anger
  • 13. Homeopath who developed CEASE therapy. TInus _______
  • 14. A head injury remedy. Stupor. Indifference. Feels he could do great deeds.
  • 15. In 1789 this now famous man translated a book by the physician William Cullen.


  • 16. The Kentian rubric for humiliation.
  • 17. One of the rubrics for a person who is very bossy.
  • 18. The number of homeopathic doctors in this country has doubled in the last two decades.
  • 19. Liver remedy with keynote of pain under angle of right scapula. Delusion he has ruined his health.
  • 20. This Kali remedy has white, sticky, thick discharges. Glue ear.
  • 21. This miasm has coldness of single parts, aversion to boiled food and meat, craves highly seasoned food, hot food.
  • 22. In a repertory, a remedy that produced a symptom in all the provers and was verified clinically, would have this kind of type.
  • 23. A Kentian rubric you might use for someone who is very critical.
  • 24. He received the Right Livelihood Award for his work in reviving homeopathy.
  • 25. The major Kentian rubric for the feeling of being abandoned.
  • 26. Kent's rubric to describe the behavior of stealing.
  • 27. This anticipation remedy is better from profuse urination.
  • 28. The opposite of reductionistic.
  • 29. British homeopath (1853 -1931) and author of The Prescriber.

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  • Ouf! that was fun.
    But I kept getting stuck at the ‘Helleborus’ because it kept telling me I did not have enough letters – till I figured that someone might have spelled it with an ou’. And lo and behold: I made it fit…Behold the Mighty Picklet (flexes muscles).

    Great practice going over the Kentian terms – and very cool making me dig and think hard what the opposite of reductionist is!