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  • 1. The remedy made from the Papal cross spider
  • 2. Persons with two X chromosomes are of this gender.
  • 3. Hahnemann first introduoced this novel way of administering remedies in 1832, and wrote about it in the 6th Organon.
  • 4. Cicatrice is an older term for this.
  • 5. Plantago has been used to treat addiction to this recreational drug.
  • 6. Aggravation from 4 A.M. to 6 A.M. is characteristic of this phosphoricum remedy. Used in early stages of inflammation.
  • 7. This remedy is the acute complement of Sepia.
  • 8. City in German where Hahnemann was born
  • 9. Older term for humiliation
  • 10. The foetus receives oxygen not the lung but this organ.
  • 11. This natrum has the delusion he is pitied.
  • 12. CaS is the chemical formula for this remedy that is worse from cold, touch and draft.
  • 13. Remedy made from the water mocassin snake


  • 14. This metal remedy has the delusion that she is not appreciated. She desires the good opinion of others.
  • 15. Itch appears every year as winter approaches is a symptom of this nosode.
  • 16. This hormone secreted by the Corpus luteum.
  • 17. This snake remedy has the delusion that his wife is faithless.
  • 18. Melanie D’Hervilly Gohier first visited Hahnemann in this city.
  • 19. This Lac is prepared from Cow's Milk
  • 20. This metal remedy has aggravation from 5-7 pm. It can restore suppressed eruptions.
  • 21. Amaurosis refers to a dysfunction of this organ.
  • 22. This sea remedy has the delusion she is poor.
  • 23. Spermatozoa usually remain viable for this number of days.
  • 24. Older term for stroke or cerebral hemorrhage.

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  • I never enjoyed crossword puzzles before, but how could I not enjoy these homeopathy crossword puzzles? I’m learning a lot!