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  • 1. This remedy has sore throat which is dark red and has pain radiating to ears during swallowing. Glands swollen.
  • 2. This remedy is used in rabies when he can't bear the sight of water or shiny objects and fears darkness.
  • 3. An allergic reaction with hives from shellfish may suggest this remedy.
  • 4. Nosode of smallpox
  • 5. Roger van Zandvoort and Eduard van Grinsven are best known for their creation of the ___________ Repertory.
  • 6. In 1974 a meningitis nosode was given prophylactically to over 18,000 children in this large South American country.
  • 7. Post partum depression with apathy, irritability, craving of lemons, better vigorous exercise, suggests this remedy.
  • 8. Castor equi is made from the thumbnail of this animal.
  • 9. This carbonicum remedy has asthmatic attacks 3-5am, must lean forward with head on knees, afraid of being alone.
  • 10. During a difficult labor, the woman needing this remedy feels like she is under a black cloud. Very talkative.
  • 11. Whooping cough nosode
  • 12. Gnaphalium is useful in sciatica when pain co-exists with this symptom.
  • 13. The Y in AYUSH stands for ths health practice.
  • 14. This remedy made for a flower is useful in healing a perforated eardurm.


  • 15. Nephritis with edema of face and limbs, worse from heat, touch or lying down, thirstless, suggests this remedy.
  • 16. This remedy is made from the poison of the copperhead snake.
  • 17. The homeopathy organization NASH, represents homeopaths in this country.
  • 18. Post partum fatigue with chilliness, mental exhaustion, blue rings around eyes, craves juicy things, suggests this acid remedy.
  • 19. This remedy is indicated in early stages of typhoid. Face flushed dark red, confused, falls asleep while being spoken to.
  • 20. Ths plant remedy often used for cough, is useful in preventing tuberculosis.
  • 21. This sulphuricum is often indicated for effects of Chemotherapy.
  • 22. There are the three types of anthrax. One affects the respiratory system, one the GI tract and one affects this large organ.
  • 23. Lac Caprinum is made from this animal.
  • 24. Remedy in angina when the heart feels like it's getting too big for the chest. Worse lying and draft.
  • 25. To help prevent the need for episiotomy, these exercises are recommended for pregnant women.
  • 26. Remedy in prostatitis made from Saw Palmetto.
  • 27. Lac Ovis is made from these animals.

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