Crossword August 2012

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  • 1. Bright's disease primarily affects this organ.
  • 2. Remedy for motion sickness when it's better from eating.
  • 3. Symptoms that occur at the same time as the chief complaint are referred to as ------------------------
  • 4. Symptoms in the repertory are referrred to as --------------
  • 5. This yellow element remedy has allergy to feathers.
  • 6. Country in which the LIGA conference was held in 2011.
  • 7. Famous Hahnemann biographer Thomas Lindsley ________
  • 8. Jaborandi is often prescribed for this childnhood illness.
  • 9. International health organization that was investigated for allegedly helping Pharma create a phony pandemic.
  • 10. Myrica, Cardus, Chelidonium and Taraxacum have an affinity for this organ.
  • 11. Sepia and this remedy both have hair loss during pregnancy.
  • 12. Amelioration after profuse urination suggests this remedy.
  • 13. NUPATH is a homeopathy organization in this country.


  • 14. A caucasian baby with Icterus would have skin this color.
  • 15. This emotional remedy has anger when misunderstood. Romantic idealists. Aversion to tobacco fumes.
  • 16. Calcarea fluorica is a top remedy for this problem of aging eyes.
  • 17. This thirsty remedy has relief from a short nap.
  • 18. Patients needing Rheum have this characteristic odor.
  • 19. Top remedy for toothache from dry socket.
  • 20. Olive oil and lemon juice is one method of removing these stones.
  • 21. Animal based remedy important for ringworm.
  • 22. Acid remedy for ailments from grief. Apathetic, mentally burned out.
  • 23. This remedy is restless, has ravenous appetite but loses flesh, is always hot, has bulging eyes and thyroid problems.
  • 24. Remedy for breast abscess, where pain radiates from nipple. Worse from cold.
  • 25. Aphorisms 121-142 deal with this subject, which Hahnemann said was the true way to know the effects of a drug.
  • 26. Acute bacterial infection of small intestines with diarrhea, vomiting, dehydration. From drinking contaminated water.
  • 27. King George was such a supporter of homeopathy, that he named his horse after this remedy.
  • 28. This remedy has allergy to oysters, which are like poison for him.
  • 29. Ratania has a special affinity for this organ.
  • 30. Thuja is an antidote to illl effects of this beverage.

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