Crossword July 2012

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  • 1. This remedy is made fro the Castor Oil Bean.
  • 2. This remedy has a tongue covered with a white film that comes off in patches. Affinitity for the liver.
  • 3. Dulcamara, Natrum sulph and Rhus tox have ailments from this type of weather.
  • 4. Headache, nausea, vomiting, diarrhea, cold sweat on forehead.
  • 5. This carbonicum is often useful for shock after surgery.
  • 6. This remedy has ailments from fright, stertorous breathing, painlessness, obstinate constipation. Stroke with bloated face.
  • 7. Patients needing grindella often feel like they're smothering when they engage in this activity.
  • 8. Crategus has a special affinity for this organ.
  • 9. This metal remedy has fear of blood, dryness of mucus membranes.
  • 10. Israeli Homeopath Vega ________
  • 11. Aphorisms 100 - 102 address these diseases.
  • 12. Remedy for a pneumonia patient who coughs up rust colored sputum, can't lie on left side, burning in chest, craves cold drinks.
  • 13. This spider remedy has rolling from side to side with pain.
  • 14. Remedy made from Indian Tobacco
  • 15. Canadian Homeopath who is highly skilled in treating cancer. Andre ________


  • 16. This remedy made of Sweet Marjoram is useful for erotomania.
  • 17. Christina Chambreau practices this type of homeopathy.
  • 18. These chldren are fat, consitpated and chilly. They laugh at reprimands. Sticky exudations.
  • 19. Homeopath Melissa Assilem developed a remdedy from this fluid that bathes the fetus.
  • 20. NUPATH is a homeopathic organization found in this country.
  • 21. Remedy for infected wounds made from sulphur, charcoal and potassium nitrate.
  • 22. Hypotension that occurs when standing up is called orthostatic or .......
  • 23. Remed for motion sickness that is better from eating, warm air, keeping the head high.
  • 24. The aortic valve has this number of cusps.
  • 25. International homeopathy organization open only to medical doctors, veterinarians and dentists.
  • 26. Jiri Cehovskyi's method of potentizing a patient's own saliva to make a remedy.
  • 27. Aphorisms 121 - 142 address this aspect of homeopathy.
  • 28. In1998 this country banned the manufacture and sale of five nosodes.
  • 29. This remedy antidotes the bad effects of shell fish. Also useful for gout.
  • 30. Injuries to the wrist and ganglion often call for this remedy.

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