Crossword June 2012

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  • 1. Mosquito born viral disease with pain deep in the bones, stiff muscles and joints and high fever.
  • 2. This childhood disease produces enlarged lymph glands and a gray membrane in the throat.
  • 3. Stramonium has the delusion that he is posessed by this mythical figure.
  • 4. UK Pharmacy with the name of the sun god, son of Hyperion.
  • 5. Ths gland becomes inflamed during mumps.
  • 6. Boils which occur in crops and do not heal readily, but continue to discharge a thin pus, may need this remedy.
  • 7. This acid remedy produces caries of the long bones, with thin excoriating discharges, relieved by cold applications.
  • 8. Acrophobia refers to fear of this.
  • 9. This fllying insect remedy remedy is one of the acute complements of Natrum muriaticum.
  • 10. Homeopathic remedy made from moonlight.
  • 11. Nitric acid is inimical to this nosode.
  • 12. This remedy useful in Hay Fever, has itching of the posterior nares. Poison weed.
  • 13. A remedy for the effects of high altitude.
  • 14. This infection remedy has the delusion he is crowded with arms and legs.
  • 15. Dana Ullman reports that this famous English Naturalist was helped by homeopathy.


  • 16. Manufacturer of homeopathic remedies in Eisenstadt, Austria.
  • 17. An acute inflammation of the membrane that lines the abdominal cavity.
  • 18. British homeopath 1898-1981, was dean of the Faculty of Homeopathy and physician to the Queen. Margerie ______
  • 19. This animal remedy is associated with stasis of the blood.
  • 20. This nosode feels as if she is in a dream, everything seems unreal. Chronic pelvic diseases.
  • 21. This remedy has pain in the liver and inferior angle of right scapula.
  • 22. Homeopathic Pharmacy which makes the flu remedy Oscillococcinum.
  • 23. The name of this modern repertory means Combining of constituent elements into a singel entity.
  • 24. Homeopath Adolphe ________ helped form the International Hahnemannian Association. 1812-1888
  • 25. This Lac remedy has fear of narrow places, extreme chilliness, aversion and allergy to milk. Faulty nutritiion.
  • 26. Yersina pestis nodode may be useful in preventing this epidemic disease.
  • 27. This remedy is often indicated for anemia caused by loss of fluids, as from long-continued diarrhoea or hemorrhage.
  • 28. Toxicophis and Cenchris are remedies made from this type of animal.
  • 29. This highly constipated remedy has fear of blood. Worse from potatoes.
  • 30. If you need this remedy during colic, it feels better to bend backwards.

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  • good crosswords! is there a way for printing them easily? they do not come out nice in the print preview. i want to avoid staring at screen and relax in the evening with a cup of tea, doing the cross word sitting in my easy chair.