Crossword September 2012

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  • 1. Old term for heartburn with regurgitation of sour fluid or almost tasteless saliva into the mouth.
  • 2. This remedy distilled from beechwood is important in cancer and has burning, acrid,foul discharges.
  • 3. Enlarged spleen, pain in the left hypochdondrium and great dyspnoea suggests this remedy.
  • 4. This precious metal remedy produces sexual excitement.
  • 5. Pulse slow, slow stertorous respiration, painlessness in all ailments, frequent involuntary deep breathing. The remedy?
  • 6. Carbo animalis has induration of the cervix. What sea remedy also has this?
  • 7. This acid remedy has urine smelling as strong as horse's urine.
  • 8. General Korsakoff developed a method of potentization using this number of bottles.
  • 9. Nitric acid has the sensation of this skeletal item in the throat.
  • 10. The homeopathic hospital on Great Ormond Street is located in this city.
  • 11. The subclavian arteries are located below this bone.
  • 12. in Tonsillitis, when the abscess is broken and the suppurative gland will not heal, this chilly remedy may be indicated.
  • 13. Antimonium tart produces pustules on the skin which resemble this disease.
  • 14. Drosera is indicated in Whooping cough, when there is this kind of cough.
  • 15. An ectopic pregnancy occurs outside of this.
  • 16. Baryta carb is often useful for this kind of benign tumor.


  • 17. The malleus, incus and stapes are located in this organ.
  • 18. This spider remedy ihas vertigo worse when closing the eyes, and worse by noise. Worse when closing eyes, and it is greatly aggravated by noise. Worse when closing eyes, and it is greatly aggravated by noise.
  • 19. Causticum and Coffea are incompatible with this remedy often used in sleeplessness from nightwatching.
  • 20. Alumna, Bryonia, Colocynth, Sepia and Pulsatilla are some of the remedies which aggravate from this common food.
  • 21. Alfred Nobel turned nitroglycerine into a useful explosive. We use it homeopathically under this name.
  • 22. Period of the day when Lilium aggravates.
  • 23. In June of 1835, Hahnemann and Melanie moved to this city.
  • 24. Toothache relieved by holding cold water in the mouth suggests this beverage remedy.
  • 25. Inflammation of the feet, toes or fingers caused by cold is referred to by this old terminology.
  • 26. Dry bright red throat, worse on right side; food and liquids are ejected through the nose on swallowing. The remedy?
  • 27. This flatulent remedy aggravates from sardines.
  • 28. Sepia is often indicated in this common fungal disease of the skin.
  • 29. A hard tumor of the breast occurring after a contusion may call for this remedy.
  • 30. This famous homeopath (1849-1916) was the chief exponent of high potencies.

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