Crossword April 2015

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  • 1. Remedy made from the globular fungus called Puff Ball.
  • 2. This metal remedy desires praise and thinks she is not appreciated. Keeps up brightly in company.
  • 3. This yellow combustible nonmetal element has the delusion that he is a great person.
  • 4. Cenchris is made from this North American snale.
  • 5. A dose of Carbo veg every week facilitates the action of this moss-like remedy.
  • 6. Calcarea phosphoricum complements well this nosode.
  • 7. This remedy has the delusion that he is broken and tosses about in bed trying to get the pieces together.
  • 8. This narcotic remedy has the delusion he is about to be executed. Painlessness of otherwise painful complaints.
  • 9. This rare metal has the delusion that all people are the devil.


  • 10. This suicidal remedy has the delusion that everything will fail.
  • 11. Cholesterinum i s almost a specific for this type of colic.
  • 12. Natrum muriaticum is the chnronic of this insect remedy.
  • 13. This nosode feels that life is short, desires change and has fear of dogs and cats.
  • 14. Arsenicum album is complementary to this fixed idea plant remedy
  • 15. This injury remedy is complementary to Aconite.
  • 16. Coffea and Cocculus indicus bear this relationship.
  • 17. Terrible dread of night on account of mental and physical exhaustion in the morning, is a symptom of this nosode.
  • 18. Calcarea carbonica is the chronic of this acute plant remedy.
  • 19. According to Rajan Sankaran, this fungal infection constitutes another separate miasm.
  • 20. This flower remedy desires open air and is complementary to Allium Cepa.
  • 21. Arg., Anac, Puls, Lach, Op and Sepia all have delusions of the sense of _____
  • 22. This acid remedy made from a plant produces hot, dark brown urine with a strong foul odor.
  • 23. This remedy has nausea not ameliorated by vomiting, clean tongue, salivation during nausea, thirstlessness.

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