Crossword May 2015

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  • 1. This fungus remedy has menses flowing only at night.
  • 2. This remedy has sweet perspiration which attracts flies.
  • 3. Borax is inimical to this acid remedy.
  • 4. Gaertner, Sycotic co., Mutabile and Proteus, refer to this class of nosodes.
  • 5. This country is unique in having a government sponsored Central Council for Research in Homeopathy
  • 6. Dr. J.T. Kent calls this carbonicum : the Carbo veg of the surgeon.
  • 7. The symptom, drinks roll audibly into the stomach, is found in this remedy often used for worms.
  • 8. Baryta carb, Bromine, Borax and Graphites have this sensation on the face.
  • 9. This carbonicum is indicated for chronic effects of sunstroke. < thunderstorms.
  • 10. The first remedy to give after a Lyme tick bite
  • 11. This substance C12 H22 O11 is used in making homeopathic remedies.
  • 12. Surukuku Snake Poison
  • 13. Bacillinum Burnett is made from a lung infected with this disease.


  • 14. Arsenicum has burning pains, but this “sweet” remedy has icy cold pains.
  • 15. Calc Phos and this plant remedy are part of Dr. Prasanta Banerji’s protocol for brain cancer.
  • 16. If a carbuncle has burning as if coals of fire, it would indicate Anthracinum or this remedy.
  • 17. H.C. Allen states that Petroleum is one of our best remedies for poisoning from this metal.
  • 18. This fungus remedy is important in Chilblains.
  • 19. Lilium Tigrinum symptoms are generally ____ sided
  • 20. This remedy made from Rosin Wood has the symptom - stops breathing when falling asleep.
  • 21. Julian Winston and Harris Coulter were known for their expertise in this aspect of homeopathy.
  • 22. This coniferae remedy’s keynote is pain in small of back extending from sacrum to pubis.
  • 23. Artemisia Vulgaris has special use in this ailment associated with abnormal electrical activity in the brain.
  • 24. This remedy is made from a substance used as an arrow poison.
  • 25. Remedy made from Horse Chestnut

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