Crossword June 2015

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  • 1. Blue hue to sclera, loves dancing, pasionate and over extend themselves, skin has cafe au lait hue. A nosode.
  • 2. Diverticula are small pouches that extrude through the walls of this organ.
  • 3. Celiac disease describes a condition where the body cannot break down this platn protein.
  • 4. This Rhus has more skin symptoms and fewer joint symptoms.
  • 5. In Aphorism 247 6th ed : It is inadmissible to repeat, even once, exactly the same dose of medicine without ___________ it.
  • 6. An important historian of American homeopathy from the early 1900's was Thomas Lindsley ------------.
  • 7. Teeth decay as fast as they rise past the gums is a symptom of this remedy made from phenols distilled from Beechwood.
  • 8. This plant remedy is almost a specific for ganglion of the wrist.
  • 9. In Aphorism 234, Hahnemann states that non-febrile intermittent diseases mostly belong to this miasm.
  • 10. Prostatis when prostate is enlarged and surrounding area feels cold, may call for this plant remedy.
  • 11. Roger Morrison says of this plant remedy - Devotes her entire life to animals and collects pets in great numbers. Aggr milk.
  • 12. The very first homeopath to suggest doing provings.


  • 13. Aphorism 289 states that every part of the body that possess this sense, is capable of receiving the medicines.
  • 14. Sanguinaria has an affinity mostly for this side of the body.
  • 15. Kali Sulph most resembles this plant remedy.
  • 16. Aphorisms 172 - 184 refer to diseases that have too few of these.
  • 17. Aphorisms 100 - 102 refer to these diseases.
  • 18. Canadian Homeopath Andre Saine and Indian Homeopathy A.U. Ramakrishnan are well know for treating this disease.
  • 19. Kali iodatum is best suited to people who are warm or cold blooded?
  • 20. The process of administering a remedy by inhaling, it is termed ----------.
  • 21. This marine animal, Cephalopoda, has indifference, irritability,involuntary weeping and aggr 2-4 and 3-5 pm.
  • 22. In Aphorism 128, Hahnemann stated that provers should take 4-6 globules of the ------------ potency.
  • 23. This snake remedy is seen as a mild tempered Lachesis, without the loquacity and tendency to hemorrhage. Valvular lesions.

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  1. Dear Alan, thank you for the possibility to refresh my knowledge of remedies each month, you make me open the Organon from time to time which I really appreciate 🙂

  2. Really i want to say THANKS to that brain who got this puzzle idea,thanq , for refreshing my brain, opend the Materia medica ,for compliting this puzzle .

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