Crossword March 2015

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  • 1. Castoreum is made from the secretion of this furry animal. A remedy for hysteria.
  • 2. Aphorisms 82-104 contain instructions for performing this activity.
  • 3. In aphorism 210, Hahnemann tells us that all one sided cases belong to this miasm.
  • 4. This salt of Arsenicum is preferred for persistently irritating corrosive discharges. Also indicated in tuberculosis.
  • 5. Patients needing ths carbon remedy are often described as fat, costive and chilly.
  • 6. Helianthus is made from this plant.
  • 7. Aphorisms 10-18 deal with this force.
  • 8. This remedy has an affinity for the kidneys. SRP symptoms include gurgling, bubbling, boiling sensations.
  • 9. This plant remedy in the family Cucurbitaceae, is both a complement and antidote to Alumina.
  • 10. Arsenicum , Cadmium-s., Conium and Hydrastis are associated with this miasm.
  • 11. This plant remedy is useful in threatened apoplexy with weakness and trembling, muscles refuse to obey the will.
  • 12. Ths acid remedy may be indicated for alcoholics who cannot drink water unless it contains whiskey.
  • 13. Pain under inner and lower angle of right scapula, is a keynote of this remedy.
  • 14. A sense of gloom as if there were a black cloud over everything is a keynote of this remedy. Often used in childbirth.


  • 15. In acute diseases the first positive changes are usually on this level.
  • 16. Alum, Lac-c, Lach and Nat-m all have a fear of these creatures.
  • 17. A remedy made from this gaseous element is sometimes useful in whoopng cough.
  • 18. The mountaineer's remedy. AIlments from high altitude.
  • 19. Cholesterinum is sometimes indicated for patients haveing these small crystalline masses.
  • 20. Diseases whch recur at certain periods or intervals are referred to as _________ diseases.
  • 21. Arsenicum album is this form of arsenic.
  • 22. The most characteristic symptom of Cobalt is pronounced aching in this part of the body.
  • 23. John Henryh Clarke stated: More cases of cancer have been cured with it than with any other single remedy. Ranunculacee
  • 24. Gradual paralysis and worse in clear dry weather mark this remedy made by distilling slaked lime and potassium sulfate.
  • 25. Aphorisms 121 - 142 deal with this aspect of homeopathy.

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  1. this is an amazing way to remember and study homeopathy .
    is there a way to know the result as for the start i can’t finish all .

  2. Hi Amal,

    I’m glad you’re finding these useful. When you click on a question, you’ll see the world “solve”in one of those blocks. If you click there, it will provide the correct answer.

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