Crossword April 2010

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  • 1. The first edition of the Organon in 1810, had 271 of these
  • 2. From Aphorism 77: Some diseases are called chronic but are not. Remove this and the disease is gone.
  • 3. Aphorism 78: Chronic diseases are those that arise from a chronic _______
  • 4. Aphorism 128: Provers should take 4-6 globules of this potency daily for several days.
  • 5. Hahnemann eventually concluded that all doses of remedy should be mixed with this.
  • 6. Hahnemann wrote numerous essays in this branch of science of which he was an expert.
  • 7. Aphorism 8: Once these are removed, the disease is eradicated.
  • 8. Hahnemann discovered a way to test for this heavy metal in wine
  • 9. Hahnemann was born in 1755 in this month.
  • 10. In 1782 Hahnemann married Joanna Leopoldine Henriette Kuechler whom he called this _______
  • 11. Aphorism 11 :When the vital force is untuned, it brings about sensations and dysfunctions that we call ______.
  • 12. Aphorism 253 : In acute diseases the first positive changes are usually on this level.
  • 13. Remedy made from Peruvian Bark


  • 14. Aphorism 206: When taking a chronic case, determine if the patient ever had this kind of disease.
  • 15. it has destroyed more lives 5th Organon: preface: Allopathy has destroyed more lives than than the most pernicious of these ____.
  • 16. Aphorism 210: All one-sided diseases (chronic with few symptoms) belong to this miasm.
  • 17. Aphorism 44: Two of these diseases cannot exist next to each other.
  • 18. Aphorism 84: Hahnemann cautions the homeopath not to do this when the patient is talking.
  • 19. In his early years, Hahnemann often made his living doing this with books.
  • 20. Aphorism 161: Using LM potencies, the aggravation appears at this stage of the treatment.
  • 21. Aphorism 18: The only guide to the remedy is the ________ of symptoms.
  • 22. Number of children that Hahnemann had.
  • 23. Hahnemann was one of the first doctors to demand the humane treatment of patients suffering with this.
  • 24. Aphorism 2: The highest ideal of cure is rapid, gentle and ______
  • 25. Aphorism 150: If symptoms are trivial and of short duration, they may dispelled by a change of this.

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