Crossword May 2010

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  • 1. The first woman president of the American Institute of Homeopathy was Elizabeth Wright ___________
  • 2. Thomas Skinner, MD, invented a device to do this to remedies.
  • 3. A plumbum keynote is a line of this color along the margins of the gums.
  • 5. For colic pain relieved by bending backward.
  • 6. In 1957, thousands of doses of Lathyrus were given to people in Buenos Aires to prevent this disease.
  • 7. Adrenalinum, Lac Caninum and Thyroidinum are made from healthy tissues and classified as __________
  • 8. Hamemelis has been used successfully for this problem with veins.
  • 9. For fecal impaction you might think of Belladonna or Plumbum or this painless remedy_________
  • 10. Knerr, Lippe, Jahr, Boericke and Boenninghausen all aulthored this type of reference.
  • 11. In1828 the first homeopathic medical society was formed in this country.
  • 12. This remedy is specific for blunt trauma to the eye and helps heal fractures.
  • 13. He wrote a three volume Materia Medica still in use.


  • 14. Top remedy for ailments from celibacy
  • 15. This antimonium remedy can't bear to be looked at.
  • 16. Top remedy for turning a baby lthat's in breech position.
  • 17. This remedy for thrush in children also has fear of downward motion.
  • 18. Heating finely ground oyster shell with sulphur produces this chilly remedy that has splinter like pains.
  • 19. The third remedy in this often used sequence: Sulphur, Calc carb., _____________
  • 20. This miasm is relieved by perspiration, dreads labor, being alone and the dark.
  • 21. Dr. Arthur Grimmer reported that between 1925-29 he cured 150 diagnosed cases of this serious disease.
  • 22. This homesickness remedy has burning pains in the throat and is often chilly, fat and dirty.
  • 23. Top remedy for fear of everythng black. Fears darkness, night. Excited by shining objects.
  • 24. Nux vomica is the acute of this remedy, whch is made from a sea creature.
  • 25. Silica is inimical to this remedy.
  • 26. This homeopath first proved lachesis.
  • 27. The acute of Alumina and Natrum mur is ____________

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