Crossword June 2010

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  • 1. This remedy indicated by < damp weather,onions, vaccination. feels fragile.
  • 2. Feels heart will stop beating if she moves. Slow pulse
  • 3. Tendency to miscariage in 3rd month, pain between sacrum and pubus, music intolerable, craves fresh air
  • 4. Rumex has tickling from inhaling this kind of air.
  • 5. Pain under angle of right scapula, liver problems, better hot drinks.
  • 6. This new remedy is also the lightest one.
  • 7. Spigelia affects mostly this side of the body.
  • 8. Aggravation from eating garlic, great thirst, better from a short nap, craves spices
  • 9. Stannum is made for this element. It produces extreme weakness in the chest.
  • 10. Anopheles mosquitoes spread this disease
  • 11. 21 of Hahnemann's students took part in proving Chinchona, which comes from this bark.
  • 12. You won't find 'stubborn' in Ken't repertory. Instead, look for this word.
  • 13. Colocynthis is worse from this emotion


  • 14. Used in leprosy when skin feels hidebound
  • 15. Feels heart will stop beating if she doesn't move. Chilly up and down the back.
  • 16. If a patient is 'shy', search for this rubric in Kent's repertory.
  • 17. Papaver somniferum - painless; deep stertorous breathing
  • 18. Only one remedy has: 'Imagines himself dreaming when awake'. Sudden onset, sensitive to jarring.
  • 19. Child picks his nose, needs this remedy from wormseed.
  • 20. The Grand Duke Ferdinand gave Hahnemann special permission to practice medicine in this town.
  • 21. Celiac disease is due to inability to break down this substance.
  • 22. Apis, Nat m., Puls, Arg nit, Sul, Iod and Sabina are all aggravated by this.
  • 23. Children needing this remedy dislike washing.
  • 24. A key symptom you are absolutely certain of, can be used to shorten the remedy search. It is called an __________ symptom.
  • 25. This gland lies behind the stomach in the curve of the duodenum and secretes digestive enzymes and hormones.
  • 26. Oral infection of Candidiasis is referred to as this.
  • 27. Fluorine, Chlorine, Bromine, Iodine belong to this chemical group

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