Crossword July 2010

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  • 1. This miasm spends its action largely upon the nervous system, producing functional disturbances. Unable to assimilate.
  • 2. Hordeoleum refers to this eye problem.
  • 3. This remedy should never be given after Mercurius has acted.
  • 4. Stannum is made from this metal.
  • 5. What a homeopath should do when a patient with a chronic illness develops a return of old symptoms.
  • 6. Ergot of Rye
  • 7. Mephitis is made from the liquid in the anal glands of this furry animal.
  • 8. Sanguinaria favors headaches on this side.
  • 9. Remedy made from Arbor Vitae, the tree of life.
  • 10. This remedy is better from violent exertion, craves acids, has bearing down sensations.
  • 11. One of the remedies for injury to breasts. Injuries to deeper tissues, to nerves. Worse from cold
  • 12. This remedy has joint pain after eating, thirst for large drinks and dry serous membranes.
  • 13. British homeopath 1898-1981. Dr. Margery
  • 14. Shivering from fear, paralyzed from fright, droopy eyelids.
  • 15. Children needing Aethusa have difficulty digesting this.


  • 16. If a case is uncurable you can still do this.
  • 17. Ailments from loss of fluids, bloated abdomen, worse light touch, abundant ideas at night
  • 18. Famous hgh potency homeopath who was born in New York. One of the best teachers of M.M. 1849 -1910.
  • 19. Thyroidinum, Adrenalinum and Lac caninum belong to this class of remedies.
  • 20. American homeopath 1828-1877 (died at 49 years of age), Dr. Carroll
  • 21. Another word for blood poisoning
  • 22. Causticum is inimical to this remedy
  • 23. Potentized cadmium is useful for poisoning by this lighter metal.
  • 24. Name of Oscar Boericke's famous brother.
  • 25. Follows ledum in puncture wounds to prevent tetanus
  • 26. Addison's disease is due to decreased secretion of these glands
  • 27. This colic remedy has pain radiating in all directions. Often useful for left sided renal colic.
  • 28. Lac Defloratum is made from this kind of miilk.
  • 29. Pulex, a remedy with many urinary symptoms, is made from this critter.

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