Crossword August 2010

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  • 1. This absent minded professor remedy loves cats
  • 2. The most often used remedy for breech presention.
  • 3. The mountain climber's remedy. Almost a specific for altitude sickness. Basis for an illicit drug.
  • 4. Erysipelas is an acute streptococcus infection of this organ.
  • 5. What looks like red sand in the diaper of a colicky child suggests this flatulent remedy.
  • 6. This remedy has weakness felt in chest. Pains come and go gradually. Latin for Tin
  • 7. For Jan Scholten this metal series embodies creative genius, show and performance in arts, scientific publications.
  • 8. Tongue coated white, can't bear to be looked at are keynotes of this Antimonium remedy.
  • 9. This remedy is made from a tuber and has colic pains ameliorated by bending backwards.
  • 10. Terebinthina has been used for inflammation of the kidneys. It's made from this volatile oil.
  • 11. This sensitive constitutional type is known for having red hair.
  • 12. Research indicates that the mechanism of homeopathy may depend on water forming these.


  • 13. If a patient strongly desired spicy food, but was also aggravated by it, you would have to consider this remedy.
  • 14. According to Jan Scholten, the series named for this precious metal stands for leadership, responsibility, power and politics.
  • 15. Crataegus is remedy most beneficial to this organ.
  • 16. In mumps, these glands become swollen.
  • 17. Remedy made from an explosive
  • 18. One of the sugars often used to make blank pellets
  • 19. This rare metal frist proved by Hering has Love of approbation and seeks the good opinion of others.
  • 20. Euphrasia is especially sensitive to this kind of light.
  • 21. If you had epitaxis you would be bleeding from this organ.
  • 22. In a 30 year study with 35,000 participants, extract of mistletoe improved survival for some forms of this disease.
  • 23. Lachrymation referrs to the shedding of these.
  • 24. In a landmark study, potentized doses of this glandular secretion inhibited the metamorphosis of tadpoles into frogs.
  • 25. Pothos is an important remedy in asthma that is worse from inhaling this.
  • 26. The remedy from this acid has urine that smells like horse's urine and feels cold on passing.

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