Crossword September 2010

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  • 1. Famous homeopath who proved Scorpion, Hydrogen and Chocolate
  • 2. If, after the first remedy the patient's symptoms move from below upward and from external to internal, we should do this.
  • 3. This patient cannot tolerate injustice, craves smoked food, better in warm damp weather, gradual paralysis.
  • 4. Creativity, ideas, art and aethestics are keywords describing which one of Jan Scholten's series? Gold, Silver, Hydrogen or Carbon?
  • 5. The coronal suture and parietal bone are found in this part of the body.
  • 6. The Sticta patient gets colds which move in this direction.
  • 7. If you're bitten by an Elaps, would you immediately need antibiotics, antihistamine, antivenom or antiparasitic?
  • 8. In making an LM potency, one granule of LM potency is dissolved in this many ounces of water.
  • 9. Stroke patient with purple puffy face, can't bear touch on throat, worse from heat and after sleep. Remedy?
  • 10. This carbonicum consitutional type as a baby has a large round head which perspires, is chilly, craves eggs and has night terrors.
  • 11. If you were treating bubonic plague which of these nosodes If bubonic plague were coming, which one of these nosodes comes to mind? Psorinum, Pestinum, Malandrinum or Variolinum?
  • 12. Right sided remedy for Gallstone pain which radiates in all directions
  • 13. Lachesis, Ferrum, Hyoscyamus, Nux, Pulsatilla. Which one of these remedies is NOT listed under jealousy?


  • 14. Flatulence with bloated abdomen and belching gives no relief. Painless yellow diarrhea. The remedy?
  • 15. A stroke victim refuses to be touched, says the bed is hard, face hot and body cool, says he's OK, feels bruised.Remedy?
  • 16. Remedy for colic pain which is better from bending backward.
  • 17. Would you expect a phlegmatic type person to be quick or sluggish?
  • 18. For minor frostbite, gently massage with water that is HOT or COLD?
  • 19. This mercurius is a specific for many cases of diphtheria.
  • 20. This acid remedy remedy always complains, will not accept an apology, fears cancer, has splinter-like pains and is chilly.
  • 21. Homeopathic medical schools were the first to admit these people.
  • 22. This whooping cough remedy is made from a plant that eats insects.
  • 23. Leadership, Organization, Responsibility and Power are keywords describing which of Jan Scholten's series : Carbon, Hydrogen, Gold or Ferrum?
  • 24. Hantavirus is spread by the urine, feces and saliva of this class of small placental mammals.
  • 25. Emaciates despite enormous appetite; always hot and worse from heat; restless, enlarged glands, talkative.
  • 26. The the three great remedies Hahnemann prescribed for Cholera were Veratrum, Cuprum and .............
  • 27. Author of Homeopathic Psychology
  • 28. Dr. Philip ...............
  • 29. The number of Hahnemann's children who were believed to have been murdered.

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