Crossword October 2010

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  • 1. Variolinum is the nosode of this disease.
  • 2. This remedy is often used for jetlag.
  • 3. This flatulent remedy desires hot food and is better from it.
  • 4. This disease may invade skin, lungs or G.I. tract and is made from a disease which produces successions of boils, terrible burning and prostration.
  • 5. This short acting remedy is sometmes used to prevent hypothermia.
  • 6. N.D. author of the modern alphabetic Homeopathic Medical Repertory.
  • 7. Iris versicolor, Sabidilla and Carbo veg all cause headaches on this side.
  • 8. This remedy has gradual paralysis, craves smoked food, passes urine while sneezing, painful burns that don't heal. Better in damp weather.
  • 9. Salmonella nosode is made from this disease.
  • 10. Morbillinum is the nosode of this disease.
  • 11. Made from Goldenseal, this remedy is known for its thick, yellow, tenacious secretions.
  • 12. This remedy has nausea not relieved by vomiting, clean tongue, excess saliva.


  • 13. Alleviating symptoms without curing.
  • 14. Insect eating plant useful in whooping cough
  • 15. Belladonna, NItric acid and Sepia all crave this tart but sweet drink.
  • 16. Patients that have Ascaris lumbricoides, have one of these inside them.
  • 17. The sulpher form of this metal is often used for the side effects of chemotheraqpy.
  • 18. Which one of these remedies dreams of eating: Arsenicum, Apis or Iodium?
  • 19. This mercurius remedy is almost a specific in Diphtheria
  • 20. This acid remedy is unmoved by apologies, has jagged warts and pain as from splinters.
  • 21. Aurum, Calcarea fluorica and Mercurius corrosivus are all useful for this this miasm.
  • 22. This remedy has bloated abdomen but belching gives no relief. Painless yellow diarrhea. Aggr from draft.
  • 23. Asterias is useful for breast cancer with sharp nightly pains. It is made from this sea animal.
  • 24. Catholic nun who set up homeopathic dispensaries in India and won the Nobel Peace Prize..
  • 25. Bach flower remedy for hopelessness, resignation and lowered vitality.
  • 26. The nosode Hydrophobinum is sometimes called this.
  • 27. International homeopathic medical society established in Rotterdam, 1925, for licensed medical professionals.

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