Crossword November 2010

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  • 1. Homeopathic Pharmacists Boericke & ........
  • 2. Remedy for retention of urine after exertion and after labor, another bruising experience.
  • 3. Pilocarpus (Jaborandi) is useful for this childhood disease.
  • 4. Cystitis with burning when not urinating. Worse after catheterization and after anger.
  • 5. A remedy made from this abundant element is important for suppressed foot sweats.
  • 6. This nightshade has aggravation at 3pm.
  • 7. Gradual paralysis, cancerous affections of glands, aversion to company during menses, ailments from suppressed sexual desire.Effects of blows, grief.
  • 8. This Daisy of a remedy has tumors after a blow.
  • 9. After an injury, Ledum and hypericum are used to prevent this disease.
  • 10. One of two acid remedies that has urine smelling like a horse's.
  • 11. Hecla Lava, Ruta and Symphytum have an affinity for this organ.
  • 12. When taking a case always look for sensation, location and ........
  • 13. Lac Caninum is from dogs, Lac Felinum from cats. From what animal do we get Lac vaccinum?
  • 14. The oldest homeopathic center in Russia, a hundred years old, with 120 homeopathic doctors, is situated in this Russian City.
  • 15. Zincum, Benzoic Acid and Selenium are incompatible with this apertif.


  • 16. Symphoricarpus Racemosa is best known for curing this problem during pregnancy.
  • 17. Amaurosis is a problem with these organs.
  • 18. Suppressed sexual desire and sees others as smaller.
  • 19. This remedy from foxglove should not follow Cinchona
  • 20. This remedy is often used for retention of urine after operations.
  • 21. Ledum, Iodum, Secale, Arg n and Apis all share this modality. Better from..........
  • 22. Hura has been used for this disfiguring disease, when the skin feels hide bound.
  • 23. RFeedy for insanity with suspicion and twitching facial muscles. Mania, quarrelsome, obscene.
  • 24. Remedy for Dengue Fever with aching in bones and soreness of flesh.
  • 25. Which organ do these remedies have a special affinity for? Taraxacum, Leptandra, Chelidonium
  • 26. Important remedy for loss of voice from fright
  • 27. Break Bone Fever is another name for this febrile disease.

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