Crossword March 2010

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  • 1. Thrombophlebitis is an inflamation of these.
  • 2. Lac Vaccinum is made from the milk of this animal.
  • 3. Lats name of the doctor who developed the bowel nosodes.
  • 4. Pulsatilla desires this kiind of butter
  • 5. The macula, the central part of the retina, allows us to see this aspect of the world.
  • 6. Rheumatic fever in childhood can affect the joints, or this important organ.
  • 7. Arnica should never be applied externally to this kind of wound.
  • 8. The Carbo remedy made from charred ox-hide
  • 9. This starfish has been used to treat cancer of the breast
  • 10. Viscum album is this plant we put above the doorway to kiss under.
  • 11. This apathy remedy craves lemons, but is worse from acid food.
  • 12. Dr. Schussler considered this Natrum the acid neutralizer.
  • 13. A spicy remedy- Light hair, blue eyes, fat, unclean, lazy, dreads open air, homesick.


  • 14. Diseases with arctic coldness are helped by thiis remedy from the Gila Monster
  • 15. Remedy for unendurable pain. The tincure makes a calming tea.
  • 16. This nosode is close to sulphur and should be considered if Sulphur fails.
  • 17. This remedy from Sweet Clover has lascivious ideas and dreams
  • 18. This remedy from the toad is sometimes used for feeble-minded children.
  • 19. Mother________ opened a charitable homeopathic clinic in Calcutta in 1950.
  • 20. Malandrinium is useful for effects of vaccination. It's made from a disease called Grease, which attacks this animal.
  • 21. A remedy given to speed the union of broken bones.
  • 22. This acid is commonly used as an analgesic for headaches and has caused many cases of tinnitus..
  • 23. If a precscription states B.I.D. you should give it this many times a day.
  • 24. Lycopodiumi is aggravated by this shellfish
  • 25. Mephitis is a remedy which covers some cases of whooping cough. It's made from this animal that makes a horrible odor.
  • 26. According to aphorism 17, when you remove all the perceptible signs and symptoms of disease, you have this.

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