Crossword February 2010

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  • 1. This remedy is often used to recover from anesthesia and prevent excessive bleeding after operations.
  • 2. Blatta Orientalis the Indian Cockroach is a good remedy for this respiratory ailment.
  • 3. Allium Cepa has bland tears and burning nose. It's made from this vegetable.
  • 4. ceanothus is an important remedy for this organ that removes worn out blood cells.
  • 5. Never been well since a severe burn, better damp weather suggest this remedy.
  • 6. This puncture wound remedy is a specific for scorpion sting.
  • 7. Formica Rufa is made from this little critter.
  • 8. Bursting headache worse from sun - Handle the tincture with care!
  • 9. This Natrum covers the chronic effects of sunstroke
  • 10. This fungus is often used for frostbite, with sensations of burning, itching, needles.
  • 11. Manufacturer of homeopathic remedies.
  • 12. A disease produced by medical treatrment
  • 13. The ink of an octupus like creature -indifferent to loved ones.
  • 14. In 1813 Hahnemann cured 179 out of 180 cases of this disease.


  • 15. Psora, sycosis and syphilus are three types of this.
  • 16. King George VI named his horse after this remedy good for nerve injuries.
  • 17. A ballooned vessel
  • 18. Sniffing your remedy is called this...
  • 19. Lachesis is inimical after this strong acid remedy.
  • 20. These children are worse from warmth, crave sweets, spices, fat, cold drinks, averse to bathing and itch from wool
  • 21. This tarentula remedy is used for carbuncles and gangrene with stinging pain and purplish color.
  • 22. This pokeroot is an important mastitis remedy.
  • 23. These vertabrae are found in the neck.
  • 24. This yam is worse doubling up,opposite Colocynth
  • 25. If a wound is suppurating, it is producing this.
  • 26. In aphorism 2, Hahnemann says we should restore health rapidlly _________ and permanently,

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