Crossword January 2010 5

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  • 1. This desert plant has constriction anywhere. Like by an iron band.
  • 2. Constant pain under inferior angle of right scapula, jaundice.
  • 3. This acid was used in explosives. Severe prostration after the least mental activity.
  • 4. Longing for the good opinion of others.Right side, uterine disorders. This metal wants to please.
  • 5. Famous female homeopath, Margret L.
  • 6. Boenninghausen was inspired to study homeopathy when cured of this disease.
  • 7. Acid tears but bland from nose. Eyebright.
  • 8. Hay fever, violent sneezing with itching in nose. Worse odour of flowers .Delusion body has been disfigured.
  • 9. This constitution has delicate skin, narrow chest, prominent cheekbones and loves to travel.
  • 10. Eats heartily but remainds thin, hot blooded. Restless . The tincture is good antiseptic.


  • 11. This lava is good for tumors in the jaw.Bone necrosis. Abcess of gums.
  • 12. Loquacious as if in a black cloud, climacteric problems. Chilly, stiff neck, sighing, aggravation from menstrual flow.
  • 13. King Wilhelm IV issued an order making Clemens Von Boenninghausen one of these.
  • 14. St. Mary's thisle. Big liver remedy.
  • 15. People who need colocynth have cramps that are better from bending this way.
  • 16. Hahnemann was born in 1755 on the 10th of this month
  • 17. Anticipation, heavy eyelids, drowsy, thirstless, chill up back.
  • 18. Calcium sulphide. Pus formation. Worse touch, cold, draft.
  • 19. This snake rattles. Hemorrhage remedy, Dark thin blood, bloody sweat, septic states.
  • 20. Homesickness in a fat, chilly patient. This remedy has burning sensations with chilliness.
  • 21. This new remedy is a lightweight. Atomic weight 1.008. Feels distant and separated.
  • 22. City Hahnemann is buried in.

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