Crossword January 2010 4

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  • 1. An old remedy for boils, it can make a big bang in firecrackers.
  • 2. Remedies made from diseased material or tissue.
  • 3. Top remedy to prevent puerperal fever,.Pulse and fever out of sync.
  • 4. Medical organization that attacked homeopathy in the U.S.
  • 5. This antimonium has tongue coated thick white, craves acids, aversion to being looked at.
  • 6. This shiny metal has Cramps starting infingers & toes, blueness
  • 7. This class of remedies is derived from healthy animal tissues and secretions.
  • 8. Loves animals, can't tolerate milk, fear to sleep lest he shouldn't wake, brain fag.
  • 9. People who need this remedy made from wormseed pick at their noses..
  • 10. This coniferae has dreams of falling or dead persons and feels something alive in her abdomen..
  • 11. Melanie didn't want to release this edition.
  • 12. Dr. Schussler said this phosphoricum was good for nervous exhaustion.


  • 13. These children grow tall and thin, crave iced drinks, bleed easily, startle easily.sleep on the rigfht side.
  • 14. Ths nosode has cafe-au-lait complexion, blue sclerotics, moles, ailments from abuse, insomnia in chlldren.
  • 15. Only functional disorders are attributed to this miasm.
  • 16. Indifferent to loved ones, better from violent exertion, prolapse uterus, stasis.
  • 17. People taking remedies are often cautioned to avoid this pleasant herb.
  • 18. These babies have large round heads craves eggs, perspire on the head, sometimes grow obese.
  • 19. This natrum is worse from consolation, craves salt, worse from sun, averse slimy to food.
  • 20. Dreams of black forms, of naked men, better from open air and consolation.
  • 21. A branch of medicine that uses remedies made from the same substance that made you sick.
  • 22. The father of American homeopathy, he first tried to disprove it.

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