Crossword June 2011

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  • 1. Trying, not quite succeeding, but still not giving up characterizes this one of Sankaran's new miasms.
  • 2. Puncture wounds needing Ledum feel ths way to the touch.
  • 3. This cough remedy is made from a carnivorous plant.
  • 4. Latrodectus mactans is made from this arachnid.
  • 5. Peyotyl cactus used in homeopathy
  • 6. This remedy fo the solanacea family, has a cough aggravated in a damp room.
  • 7. Class of animals that Cantharis is made from.
  • 8. Fel tauri, Colostrum, Castor equi and adrenalinum belong to this class of remedies.
  • 9. Patients needing Hepar sulph are sensitive to cold, draft and this.
  • 10. This right sided metal is vain and loves praise. Itching changes place when scratching.
  • 11. Belladonna, China, Calc, Caust, Tub, Puls, Stram and Hyos share a strong fear of ths animal.
  • 12. Made fro Hemp, this remedy is important in cystitis.
  • 13. This carbonica is bashful, timid, somewhat backward.
  • 14. This nosode has romantic longings and desires travel.


  • 15. This natrum remedy is used for head injury when personality changes occur.
  • 16. Fluorine, Chlorine, Bromine and _____.
  • 17. This metal remedy has restless legs and brain fatigue. It is combined with copper to make brass.
  • 18. This frostbite remedy has much twitching.
  • 19. This Carbonicum is sensitive to piano music.
  • 20. This highly poisonous organic acid, produces mottled skin and numbness. Worse from strawberries.
  • 21. Thiosinaminum is useful in removing these commmon lesions.
  • 22. Dmitri Ivanovich Mendeleyev first created this table.
  • 23. A remedy made by exposing alcohol to the rays of the sun.
  • 24. Leadership is the main theme of this metal in Jan Scholten's seven series.
  • 25. Someone with polycythemia has too many of these blood cells.
  • 26. This carbonicum has easily sprained ankles.
  • 27. This remedy is considered incompatible with Rhus tox.
  • 28. Which of these remedies in NOT aggravated from being alone?. Ars, Nux, Hepar, Phos

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