Crossword May 2011

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  • 1. Pain in right ovary, flatulence, craves sweets. The remedy?
  • 2. A form of carbon, this remedy has skin crackng and honey-like discharges.
  • 3. Alum, Ars, Dol, Gels, Merc, Mez, Petr, Psor and Sul all have itching without this.
  • 4. Arggravation from onions, tea, tobacco, damp weather. Sensitive to music, especially in the morning.
  • 5. This acid remedy finds the idea of marriage unendurable.
  • 6. Tuberculinum is not prominent in which of these miasms? Psoric,Sycotic, Syphilitic
  • 7. Who was the first homeopath in England? Was it Dr. Quin, Hering or Clarke?,
  • 8. Retraction of umbilicus, lightning-like radiating pains, sclerotic, chilly, slow onset, parallysis. The remedy?
  • 9. Is someone with Cushing's syndrome likely to be thin or obese?
  • 10. Ocimum canum primarily affects this side of the body.
  • 11. Where are the subclavian arteries found? Abdomen, Thorax, or Legs
  • 12. The chronic remedy of Hepar is _______.
  • 13. People needing Rhododendron dread this weather event.
  • 14. What has burning secretions in Allium cepa, eyes or nose?
  • 15. Remedy with delusion that his limbs are separated from his body and he tries to get them together.


  • 16. Agn, Bell, Colch, Elaps and Thuja create which odor? Eggs or Fishbrine or Cheese?
  • 17. Nosode of whooping cough
  • 18. Nux moschata is made from this common spice.
  • 19. Mercury based remedies are most prominently found in this miasm.
  • 20. This spasm producing metallic remedy, produces perspiration that stains linen green.
  • 21. Butyric Acid is make from this common food item.
  • 22. Gnaphalium is a remedy in which pain is found paradoxically with this other symptom.
  • 23. It is recommended not to follow Phosphorus with this remedy.
  • 24. This remedy is incompatible if taken after Cocculus
  • 25. Ecchymosis is another word for this type of lesion.
  • 26. The tincture of this congestive headache remedy will explode if you drop it.
  • 27. The colds of Arsenicum, always settle in the nose, while those of Phosphorus settles in the _______.

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