Crossword July 2011

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  • 1. Kali carb has characteristic swelling of the eyelids- Upper or Lower?
  • 2. Agaricus muscarius if often used to treat this cold weather problem.
  • 3. Fixed ideas. Thnks only of pins and fears them.
  • 4. Syzygium facillitates the removal of this from the urine.
  • 5. To encourage discharge of pus, Hepar is best used in ---------- potency
  • 6. Symphoricarpus racemosa is used for this symptom during pregnancy.
  • 7. Solanum tuberosum is a remedy made from this common food.
  • 8. Problems from non-lactose forming bacilli may be treated with these nosodes.
  • 9. This remedy from Marigolds is used to prevent infection in wounds.
  • 10. Thiosinaminum has a reputation for getting the body to dissolve these.
  • 11. This prized metal is used to treat atrophy of testicles in boys.
  • 12. From the Latin word meaning to please , it is an inert substance given as a control to research subjects.
  • 13. Explosive substance used by homeopaths to treat infections.
  • 14. Dreams that he would be crushed is seen only in this remedy made from brimstone.
  • 15. Calcarea carbonica has been known to cough when playing this instrument.


  • 16. Foam from the mouth while talking may suggest this lac remedy.
  • 17. Jaborandi is an important remedy for this childhood disease.
  • 18. Flushing of face, burning sensations and nausea produced by Monosodium glutamate in food, is relieved by this nightshade. remedy.
  • 19. Baptisia has a patch of this color in the center of the tongue.
  • 20. Granatum, made from pomegranate, is used to expel this long flat parasites.
  • 21. This remedy is the main prophylactic for poliomyelitis.
  • 22. Phytolacca is often needed by new mothers to treat abscesses in this area.
  • 23. Tincture of allium sativum has been used to ----------- blood pressure.
  • 24. Treating a patient with a potentized version of the drug that made them sick is called this.
  • 25. Borrellia Burgdorferi is the nosode of this insect borne disease.
  • 26. 6.023 X 10 to the 23rd power. Who is this number named after?
  • 27. Is Tinea versicolor bacterial, or viral or fungal?
  • 28. This antimonium is love sick, has disordered stomach with white tongue.

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