Do you have enough knowledge of homeopathy materia medica, organon and repertory to solve this crossword from September 2022? Test your knowledge now.

Homeopathy Crossword
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  • 1. Research at Mahatma Gandhi University found that homeopathic medicines contain ______ particles
  • 2. The largest governmental review of homeopathic research was done by this country. It found homeopathy safe and effective.
  • 3. Magnesium carbonicum has aversio to this common class of foods.
  • 4. Famous homeopath 1755-1843
  • 5. This sycotic remedy made from an evergreen tree has dreams of falling.
  • 6. Gelsemium is inimical to this narcotic remedy.
  • 7. Atomic number of helium
  • 8. This man was the father of American homeopathy. He lived in the city of iPhiladelphia.
  • 9. Baryta carbonicum is inimical to this other carbonicum..
  • 10. Agaricus, Secale and Bovista belong to this botanical order.
  • 11. This plant remedy both desires spicy food and get ailments from spicy food.
  • 12. This snake remedy desires wheat and has aggravation from it.
  • 13. This plant based remedy both desires sugar and has aggravation from sugar, including flatulence.


  • 14. Cenchris Contortrix is made from this variety of animals
  • 15. This plant remedy stammers and struggles a long time to utter a word. A frigfht remedy. .
  • 16. This nosode has aversion to water.
  • 17. This scientist and author of The Origin of Species, was once treated and cured by a homeopath.
  • 18. Conium is inimical to tthis nosode.
  • 19. This plant remedy ( New Jersey Tea) has a strong affinity for the spleen.
  • 20. Cocculus is inimical to Coffea and also to this remedy.
  • 21. Ledum is inimical to this plant remedy.
  • 22. 100 million people in this nation use homeopathic medicines for all of their health care needs.
  • 23. Adrenalinum, Colostrum, Lac caninum amd castpr equo belong to this class of homeopoathic remedies.
  • 24. This natrum cell salt is indicated in acid condistions.
  • 25. Antimonium Crudum is strongly aggravated by consouming this common ingredient of salad dressings.

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