Do you have enough knowledge of homeopathy materia medica, organon and repertory to solve this crossword from October 2022? Test your knowledge now.

Homeopathy Crossword
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  • 1. Sepia is inimical to Lachesis and this plant remedy.
  • 2. Ammonium Carb. is ininical to this snake remedy..
  • 3. This miasm often has aggravation from sunrise to sunset.
  • 4. Sea remedy better from strenuous exercise. Sadness during menstruation.
  • 5. Ignatia is inimical to Coffea, Tabacum and this remedy.
  • 6. Cardus, Chelidonium, Taraxacum and Solidago have an affinity for this organ.
  • 7. Sea remedy with cough that sounds like a saw on a log. Often indicated in croup.
  • 8. Mercurius is inimical to Acetic acid and this mineral remedy.
  • 9. Remedy often indicated in motion sickness has pale face, nausea, cold sweat. Aggr from movement, hest. .
  • 10. Bach remedy indicated for fear of known things (accidents, pain, poverty etc)
  • 11. Digitalinum is inimical to NItri Spiritus dlcis and this plant remedy.
  • 12. Bach remedy indicated for hatred, envy and inability to feel love.


  • 13. Coccullus is inimical to Coffea and this remedy.
  • 14. This misam often has aggravation from night to morning.
  • 15. Plant remedy with pain extending from sacrum to pubic bone. Music intolerable. .
  • 16. Beetle remedy useful in burns and urinary problems.
  • 17. Insect remedy thirstless, burning pain relieved by cold.
  • 18. This miasm often has aggravation from midnight to midday.
  • 19. Asterias has a special affinity for this female organ.
  • 20. This Antimonium remedy has intolerance of pastries.and fat. can't bear to be looked at.
  • 21. Ornithogallum has a special affinity for this digestive organ.
  • 22. Ceanothus and Quercus have a special affinity for this organ.
  • 23. Aethusa has an intolerance for this common beverage.
  • 24. Bach Remedy indicated for lack of confidence and fear of failure

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