Can you solve this very challenging homeopathy crossword? Play this new homeopathic crossword for November 2020.

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  • 1. Lac Caninum is often indicated in this serious respiratory disease.
  • 2. This sea remedy has ailments after miscarriage.
  • 3. This remedy from Wild Indigo falls asleep while being spoken.
  • 4. An important remedy to give for pain after lumbar puncture.
  • 5. This plant remedy has the symptoms: whole body feels as if caged, each wire being twisted tighter and tighter.
  • 6. Galium Aparine is said to have the power to suspend or modify this serious disease.
  • 7. This plant polychrest remedy has ailments from drinking alcohol, overwork, sedentery habits, high living.
  • 8. This metallic remedy has cramps, convulsions, beginning in fingers and toes, nausea releived by cold water.
  • 9. Fel Tauri is made from an organ of this animal.
  • 10. Remedy made from Pink Root useful in certain forms of facial neuralgia?
  • 11. Which of these remedies is NOT worse after perspiration Merc, China, Ferrum, Sepia, Phos acid
  • 12. in 1789 Hahnemann translated a book by Dr William ______ which dsicussed the usefulness of Peruvian bark.
  • 13. This narcotic remedy has constipation with no urging at all.
  • 14. This star fish remedy is indicated in cancer of mammae with acute lancinating pain.


  • 15. Hamamelis virginica has a special affinity for these circulatory organs.
  • 16. Edema of the throat from anaphylaxis may require this insect remedy.
  • 17. Much bleeding from slight wounds may require this elemental remedy of atomic number 15.
  • 18. Remedy made from the Coral Snake
  • 19. This sycotic plant remedy has the sensation of being frail.
  • 20. This remedy, made from a distillation of Wood Tar. has vomiting 3-4 hours after eating..
  • 21. Pyometra is formation of pus in this organ.
  • 22. Blisters arising from burns may require this remedy made from dried beetles .
  • 23. Blows to the heard that result in personality changes may require this natrum remedy.
  • 24. The Periodic of the Elements generally has metals on this side of the table.
  • 25. Alternate name for hydrocyanic acid. ________ acid.
  • 26. In 1798 Edward ______ discovered that giving small doses of cowpox immunized them against smallpox.

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