Homeopathy Crossword December 2020

Written by Alan V. Schmukler

Can you solve this very easy homeopathy crossword? Play this new homeopathic crossword for December 2020.

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  • 1. This acid remedy (halogen derived) has inability to realize responsibility. Indifference towards those loved best.
  • 2. This mineral remedy has tendency to suppuration, pain worse from draft, cold, touch, discharges odor of old cheese.
  • 3. Rhododendron is typically worse in this kind of weather.
  • 4. Snake remedy that has affections of heart with paucity of symptoms; left sided, hypertrophy, vertex sensitive to cold.
  • 5. Author of Sensations As If. H.A. _______
  • 6. Thiosinaminum is made from the seed o fthis plant.
  • 7. Elemental gaseous remedy with delusion he is in the presence of God and seperated from the world. Benevolence.
  • 8. In 1789 Hahnemann translated a book by William ______ and disagreed about why Cinchona was useful in malaria.
  • 9. Famous homeopath buried in P�re Lachaise cemetary in Paris.
  • 10. This plant derived remedy is indicated in non-union of fractures, injuries to cartilage periosteum, pricking pains after wound heals.
  • 11. Daisies belong to this family.
  • 12. Mushroom derived remedy used in chilblains and frostbite.
  • 13. This plant remedy with an affinity for the eyes has hot acrid tears with bland coryza. Opacity of cornea after injuries.


  • 14. This remedy from dandelion has mapped tongue, enlarged indurated liver, sterno mastoid muscle painful to touch.
  • 15. This nosode has pulse out of all proportion to temperature. Useful in septic states.
  • 16. This nosode haas longing and need for continual change and travel. Fear of animals.
  • 17. American homeopath who authored the Homeopathic Medical Repertory, a popular alphabetical repertory.
  • 18. Insect remedy that has dropical swelling, thirstless, jealousy..
  • 19. Lac Suis is derived from this animal.
  • 20. Lac Delphnum is derived from this animal.
  • 21. Common term for the Solananeae family.
  • 22. This plant remedy has unbearable post-partum pains.
  • 23. Author of Leaders in Homeopathic Therapeutics. 1838-1917 Dr. Eugene _______
  • 24. This elemental metal remedy has inactivity of rectum, aggr eating potatoes, impulsive at sight of a knife.
  • 25. American homeopath who translated Boenninghausen's works. Author of Synoptic Key. Cyrus Maxwell _____

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