Can you solve this very easy homeopathy crossword? Play this new homeopathic crossword for January 2021.

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  • 1. Children born with much hair on scalp and spine, and who crave cold milk and smoked meats may need this nosode.
  • 2. Your child has glue ear, experiences crackling noises and has honey like discharges. This remedy seems indicated.
  • 3. Obese children with delayed dentition who cave eggs, salt and sweets and are worse for exertion may need this carbonicum
  • 4. The colchicum patient is often hypersensitive to this stimulus.
  • 5. If you had some charred oxhide you could make this carbo remedy in a pinch.
  • 6. A person with heatstroke with muscle cramps may need this elemental metal remedy.
  • 7. This remedy has lack of boundries, bleeds easily and is often indicated after electric shock.
  • 8. Nat mur, Phos, Carbo v, Arg. nit all crave this mineral condiment.
  • 9. Feels as if his heart would stop beating if he moved, is a keynote of this cardiac remedy.
  • 10. Your baby has diaper rash and is hot, sweaty and drooling . This remedy is probably indicated.
  • 11. Better form bending backwards is a keynote of this remedy derived from an edible plant.
  • 12. The government of this European country decided last year to stop reimbusing homeopathy.
  • 13. This nosode loves to dance, loves animals, enjoys thunderstorms, is sensitive and perfectionistic.


  • 14. Fainting due to intense emotion may suggest this plant based remedy.
  • 15. Made from Red Root, this remedy has a special affinity for the slpeen.
  • 16. This natrum has yellow discharges, is worse for sugar, craves fried food, suffers from over acidity.
  • 17. This remedy made from a sea creature, is sometimes indicated in ringworm.
  • 18. Fainting caused by loss of blood may indicate this plant based remedy.
  • 19. This motion sickness remedy is chilly, excitable, has dry skin which cracks and bleeds and is worse in winter.
  • 20. Parotidinum may be useful in this childhood disease.
  • 21. This country did one of the largest studies of homeopathy ever conducted by a government, adding it to their health care system
  • 22. This acid remedy feels apathetic, burned out and craves fruit.
  • 23. Children who crave sweets, spices, fat, cold drinks, have itchy red skin eruptions and hate bathing may need this remedy.
  • 24. Abies nigra had aggravation from this common recreational drug.
  • 25. An acne Rosaceae patient, chilly irritable, constipated and worse for coffee and alcohol may need this polychrest remedy.

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