Can you solve this challenging homeopathy crossword? Play this new homeopathic crossword for October 2020.

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  • 1. Incessant, violent fidgety feeling in feet, must move them constantly is a keynote of this elemental metal remedy.
  • 2. Ravenous hunger; eats well, yet loses flesh is a keynot of this non- metal element remedy. Aomic number 53
  • 3. This remedy's keynote is rapid pulse and low temperature or high temperature and comparatively slow pulse.
  • 4. Badiaga is made from this fresh water invertebrate.
  • 5. This Nux has tongue adheres to roof of mouth.
  • 6. This halogen remedy has aggravation from chocolate.
  • 7. Remedy in hysteria made from beaver.
  • 8. Author of New Old and Forgoten Remedies
  • 9. This polychrest made from the seed of a tree, both desires spicy food and is aggravated by it.
  • 10. Boenninghausen's occupation prior to homeopathy.
  • 11. This fright remedy has clairvoyant dreams.
  • 12. Extreme paleness of face which becomes red and flushed on least pain, emotion or exertion. Elemental metal remedy.
  • 13. This acid remedy has nightly pains especially to the touch as from splinters.
  • 14. This mercurius is ofen indicated in malignant diphtheria with intense redness of fauces.


  • 15. ________ Sulph is ofen indicated in ailments from chemotherapy.
  • 16. Remedy made from saliva of a rabid dog,
  • 17. This carbonicum can be indicated in weak ankles.
  • 18. Aversion to sight or smell of food is a keynote of this remedy from Meadow Saffron.
  • 19. This plant remedy has production of mucus in jelly-like lumps from throat or rectum
  • 20. Taraxacum has a keynote of ______ tongue
  • 21. This elemental metal remedy is sometimes indicated in impaction of bowels.
  • 22. Remedy made from the mescal button.
  • 23. This nosode is useful in epidemic spleen diseases of domestic animals and in septic inflammation.
  • 24. Dr.Douglas Borland considers this remedy as Gelsemium exaggerated, more intense.
  • 25. This acid remedy has lower jaw hangs down. slides down in bed,.
  • 26. Rubric for gush of reflux acid fluids from the stomach into the mouth with a burning sensation.

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