Do you have enough knowledge of homeopathy materia medica, organon and repertory to solve this crossword from May 2023? Test your knowledge now!

Homeopathy Crossword
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  • 1. Hopmeopath Ulrich _____ authored a book called Colors in Homeopathy, correlating color preference with remedies.
  • 2. Acid remedy derived from soured dairy,.useful in nausea of preganacy.
  • 3. This nosode is sympathetic, over responsible, craves chocolate, desires to travel, loves animals.
  • 4. This nosode has aggr from suppressed eruptions, despair of recovery,, chilly, foul discharges, constant hunger
  • 5. While translating a book by William ______ , Hahnemanndisagrteed that Cinchona cured Malaria because it was bitter.
  • 6. This nosode has need for change, desire for open air, craves smoked meat, respiratory troubles, romantic longings.
  • 7. Salt water animal remedy often indicated in coughs and asthma. Dry cough sounds like a saw going through wood.
  • 8. In 1810 the Frenchman John Hoingberger introduced homeopathy into this country..
  • 9. Right sided liver remedy aggr 4am, right scapular pain, craves chees, warm drinks.
  • 10. Remedy made from Corn smut. It has flabby condition of uterus. haemorrhage.congestion to parts at climacteric.
  • 11. This ammonium remedy fits stout women who are always weary, take cold easily and are sedentary.


  • 12. This nosode may be indicated if history of animal bite. aggr from seeing or hearing running water.
  • 13. It grows in Central and Northern Europe ; its common This remedy is made from the Wind flower.
  • 14. The active principle of the medulla of the suprarenal gland,
  • 15. In Kothen, Hahnemann was given special permission to dispense his own medicines by Grand Duke _________..
  • 16. Remedy made from Spurge Olive. . Keynote anxiety felt in stomach. Useful in some skin ailments.
  • 17. This nosode has recurrent pelvic diseases, amel seaside, amel evening, everything feels unreal, feels hurried.
  • 18. The _______ report in 1910 gave unfairly low ratings to homeopathy schools in the U.S. .
  • 19. Acid remedy for ailments from disappointed love, grief. Apathetic.
  • 20. This Lac remedy has aversion and intolerance to milk. Migraine preceded by aura of dim vision.
  • 21. Remedy made from Southernwood useful in marasmus, especially of lower extremities only, yet with good appetite.

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