Homeopathy Crossword April 2023

Written by Alan V. Schmukler

Do you have enough knowledge of homeopathy materia medica, organon and repertory to solve this crossword from April 2023? Test your knowledge now!

Homeopathy Crossword
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  • 1. This natrum remedy is effective in suicidal ideation realated to a head injury.
  • 2. Desktop Guide was authored by homeopath Roger _______
  • 3. This natrum remedy imay be inicated when there is excess acid in the blood.
  • 4. This narcotic derived remedy is found in the repertory under courageous.
  • 5. This insect derived remedy is three points for jealousy.
  • 6. This gentle emotiional remedy has fear of abandonment.
  • 7. Thiosinaminum is often indicated to deal with adhesions or ____ tissue.
  • 8. Dr. A. U. Ramakrishnan is best known for his treatment of tihis disease.
  • 9. Homeopathy in Practice was authored by Dr. Douglas ________
  • 10. Homeopath Tinus Smits developed the CEASE method for treating this disorder.
  • 11. Last name of Homeopath James Compton
  • 12. This sea remedy is aggravated by the odor of food.
  • 13. Principal teacher at the Dynamis School and prover of chocolate and neon among others. Jeremy _____


  • 14. This elemental remedy comes in both red and white forms and the patient is aggravated by salt.
  • 15. Altitude sickness may respond to this remedy from a tropical shrub of the family Erythroxylaceae
  • 16. Homeopathy As Art and Science was authored by Elizabeth Wright- ________
  • 17. This nosode has aggravation from consolation. Loves to dance.
  • 18. Homepath Grant Bentlely pioneered the medhod of Homeopahic ______ Analylsis
  • 19. This irritable remedy both desires and is agravated by spicy food.
  • 20. The Principles and Art of Cure by Homoeopathy was authored by Herbert Albert _______

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