Homeopathy Crossword May 2019

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  • 1. Children needing this remedy fear thunderstorms, sudden noise, ghosts, being along in the dark. Love to be center of attention.
  • 2. The angry child needing this remedy for dentition is ameliorated when carried about.
  • 3. This homeopathic doctor developed the CEASE program for treating autism. Tinus _____
  • 4. Remedy derived from White Hellebore. Profuse cold sweat.
  • 5. This mercurius has tenesmus with no relief after stool. Symptoms appear suddenly.
  • 6. Remedy derived from Horse Chestnut. Important remedy in piles. Sensation rectum full of sticks.
  • 7. This acid remedy has painless diarrhea, nervous exhaustion, hemorrhage in hyphoid.
  • 8. This cell salt can restore supressed foot sweats. It has shy stool, nails with white spots, amel warmth, averstion to meat.
  • 9. The system of nomenclature in which two terms are used to denote a species of living organism.
  • 10. A ______ square is a diagram used to predict the genotypes of a particular cross or breeding experiment.
  • 11. Remedy derived from Fools Parsley. Cannot digest milk.


  • 12. This Swiss born homeopathic doctor was a co-founder of the LIGA. Dr. Pierre _______
  • 13. Born in Scotland, this homeopathic physician was the author of Curability of Tumours by Medicines. James Compton _______
  • 14. This plant remedy can be cruel and malicious. Fear of examinations. Dyspepsia ameliorated by eating.
  • 15. Childen needing this remedy are most awake at night, crave unripe fruit, sweets, salt, fat, have skin growths, agg dampness.
  • 16. Ths plant remedy has: teeth decay at roots, distorted, crumbling nails, condylomata, agg vaccination, agg damp weather.
  • 17. This miasm is often associated with a suspicious nature, agg damp weather, agg meat, leucorrhoea.
  • 18. Keynotes for this plant remedy: Pain in uterus darting from side to side. The more the flow, the greater the pain during menses.
  • 19. Homeopathic doctor who developed the system of remedy keynotes. Henry Newell ________
  • 20. Author of The Principles and Art of Cure by Homoeopathy, Dr. H.A. _______
  • 21. Habitual abortion in 3rd month. Yellow saddle across nose and cheek. The animal remedy is _____
  • 22. This homeopath pioneered the science of homeopathic facial analysis. Grant _______
  • 23. The number of _______ in an atom defines what element it is.

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