Homeopathy Crossword June 2019

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  • 1. Left sided remedy made from Pink Root. It's used in cardiac ailments and neuralgias. Fear of pointed objects.
  • 2. In the Organon, aphorisms 121 - 142 discuss how to conduct these tests.
  • 3. Socrates was poisoned with the plant from which this remedy is derived.
  • 4. Insect remedy useful in asthma when suffocation threatens due to great accumulation of mucus.
  • 5. This snake remedy was proved by Dr Hering in 1837. Bleeding from any orifice. Right sided strokes. Aggr lying on left side.
  • 6. This remedy is a component of an explosive and can be useful in treating heatstroke and hypertension.
  • 7. In this remedy the smell of food causes nausea. Important remedy in gout that is worse from motion.
  • 8. Acid remedy made from carbolic, nitric and sulphuric acids. Sever mental fatigue. Softening of spinal cord .
  • 9. The spider remedy proved by Hering in in 1832. The spider is native to the West Indies.
  • 10. The person needing this plant remedy feels as if his heart would stop if he moved. Useful in slow and irregular pulse.
  • 11. Remed made from Woody NIghtshade - Worse exposure to cold and damp weather.
  • 12. Elemental metal remedy that is chronic of Bryonia. Spare, dry, thin subjects.


  • 13. Remed made from Goldenseal. Useful in chronic degenerative diseases including neoplasms.
  • 14. Acid remedy useful in marasmus. Prostration: after injuries; after surgical shock; after anesthetics.
  • 15. Plant remedy useful in treating enlarged prostate.
  • 16. Remedy made from a toad poison. Worse from music and bright objects.
  • 17. Snake remedy which has fear of rain. Craves oranges and ice.
  • 18. Mild acid remedy useful in gout with tearing pain. Urine smells like horse's urine.
  • 19. Remedy made frm narcotic plant. Useful in impacted bowel, stroke, profound coma.
  • 20. Remedy made from a fungus on rye. Important remedy in gangrene and frostbite.
  • 21. Recent research showed that cell phone radiation caused two tpes of cancers : schwannomas and ________
  • 22. Spider remedy often indicated in angina.
  • 23. People needing this nosode desire constant change, love travel, may fear dogs and cats.
  • 24. Snake remedy that causes no haemorrhage but only oedema. Important remedy in cardiac hypertrophy, and valvular lesions.

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