Do you have enough knowledge of homeopathy materia medica, organon and repertory to solve this crossword from January 2023? Test your knowledge now.

Homeopathy Crossword
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  • 1. In dentition, wakeful, constantly on the move, not distressed, happy but sleepless. The remedy?. .
  • 2. In dentition, oversensitive to pain, very irritable, snappish, only quieted by being carried about. The remedy?
  • 3. This remedy has extreme jealousy, worse in warm room, . Stupor, with sudden shrill, sharp cries.
  • 4. Drowsy and comatose, dull-red face, bBesotted appearance. falls asleep while answering. The remedy for this flu?.
  • 5. This acid remedy for rheumatic and gouty subjects, has urine smelling like that of a horse. horses;
  • 6. This injury remedy has crops of boils that go on to suppuration and are followed by another crop.
  • 7. Stroke in drunkards:,or high livers, unconscious, tends to fall backwards. Face pale:head hot. The remedy?
  • 8. Element remedy often needed in tall, slender, red-haired people, with fair skin, sensitive disposition, better for company.
  • 9. Brain troubles during dentition, child cries out in sleep, fidgeity feet,rolls head from side to side. The remedy?
  • 10. After a stroke, comatose sleep, rattling and stertor, red, bloated face, eyes blood-shot, half open. The remedy?
  • 11. In hepatitis, this remedy has pain below right shoulder angle; jaundice, better hot drinks.


  • 12. This horse chestnut remedy has haemorrhoids with aching pain in sacro-lumbar region, as if the back would break..
  • 13. In marasmus this remedy has extreme hunger yet, the patient emaciates rapidly., Face yellow and shrunken.
  • 14. This acid was used by Lister as an antiseptic.
  • 15. This metal remedy has People whose nutrition is decidedly defective; they have a wrinkled, dried-up appearance, and are extremely prostrated. 2. Great weakness, loss of memory; mel-ancholia; time passes too slowly, an hour seems half a day. 3. Great dryness of all the mucous mem-branes, with constipation
  • 16. This remedy haa abscesses and boils, burning pains, extreme restlessness; aggravation after midnight.
  • 17. This remedy is made from a morbid secretion of the whale.
  • 18. Psorinum is to be thought of in cases similar to Sulphur, where Think if this nodode if there is a psoric taint, and the well-chosen remedy refuses to act.
  • 19. Profuse, offensive sweat, foul mouth, salivation, worse after sweating.suggests this remedy for flu.
  • 20. After a stroke, worse moving head or eyes, better closing eyes: better pressure, vertigo on slightest motion.. The remedy?
  • 21. This acid remedy is indicated for people weakened by the loss of animal fluids, giref or sexual excesses.

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