Homeopathy Crossword April 2021

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  • 1. This acid remedy has marasmus in children.and prostration after injuries, surgical shock; anesthetics..
  • 2. This American homeopath was also a senator who wrote the law that gave homeopathy legal status. Dr. Royal ________
  • 3. Remedy from the Unicorn Plant
  • 4. Nosode from saliva of a rabid dog.
  • 5. First Indian homeopathic physician Mahendra Lal ______.
  • 6. This Lac remedy made from skim milk has great restlessness, and extreme suffering from loss of sleep.
  • 7. Ficus Religiosa is most often called for in this blood related problem.
  • 8. This ferrum remedy has failure of the function of an organ under exertion.
  • 9. The remedy from Night Blooming Cereus -Body feels caged, as if each wire was being twisted tighter.
  • 10. In 1812 durng the Napoleonic war, Hahnemann treated 180 cases of this disease, losing only two patients.
  • 11. Famous homeopath who married Johanna Henrietta Leopoldine Kuchler.


  • 12. This liver remedy has constant pain under the lower and inner angle of right scapula.
  • 13. Kothen, Hahnemann, through his political and social connections, While living in Kothen, Hahnemann got permission from Duke _________ to practice homeopathy legally.
  • 14. This halogen remedy cannot inspire deep enough; as if breathing through a sponge or the air passages were full of smoke.
  • 15. Plant remedy with affinith for the liver. It has a characteristically mapped tongue and jaundiced skin.
  • 16. Patients needing this remedy from the solanaceae family develop symptoms from living in a damp, cold basement.
  • 17. He founded the first homeopathic medical school in the United States, in 1835.
  • 18. Thiosinaminum is often used to dissolve this type of tissue.
  • 19. This Kali Remedy K 2 Cr 2 O 7
  • 20. Remedy from Wood-strawberry and it has urticarial rashes.
  • 21. This nitricum is often indicated in diabetes. Made from a very heavy element.
  • 22. Hahnemann's age at the time of his passing. Eighty _____
  • 23. This remedy from Scouring-rush has pain in region of R. kidney, extending to lower abdomen. Right lumbar region painful.
  • 24. Homeopathy was introduced into the this country in 1825 by Hans Burch Gram

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