Homeopathy Crossword March 2021

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  • 1. Lycopodum craves this stone fruit of the Oleaceae family.
  • 2. This remedy is worse at twilight, fears thunderstorm and is aggravated by garlic.
  • 3. Head injuries sometime require this remedy of the Ranunculaceae family made from Christmas Rose.
  • 4. Localised abnormal dilatation of a blood vessel, usually artery.
  • 5. This acute remedy craves lemonade.
  • 6. Carbo veg, Natrum mur, Phosphorus and selenium all have aggravation from this common flavoring for food.
  • 7. Term for the abnormal desire to eat sand, slate, earth etc.
  • 8. Often indicated remedy in dengue fever
  • 9. Antimonium crudum has great aggravation from this common constituent of salad dressings.
  • 10. This acid remedy has aggravation from strawberries.
  • 11. This carbon remedy has a great aversion to fish.


  • 12. The top remedies for ailments from catheters include Staph and this other remedy from marigolds.
  • 13. This nosode desires to eat ice.
  • 14. Bryonia, Lycopodium and Pulsailla all have aggrvation from this common staple of diet.
  • 15. This remedy from ergot of rye is sometimes indicated in gangrene.
  • 16. This snake remedy has a great desire for farinaceous food.
  • 17. Elemental metal remedy for shock from financial loss.
  • 18. Insect remedy for albuminuria with edema.
  • 19. This acid remedy has a great aversion to cheese.
  • 20. Lyssin and Psorinum are somewhat worse for eating meat, but this nosode is even more aggravated by meat.
  • 21. This light metal remedy has aggravation from potatoes
  • 22. This remedy is made from a mineral that constitutes 26 percent of Earth’s crust by weight. It has aversion to beef.
  • 23. Kali Bichromicum has aggravation from this common beverage.
  • 24. Bryonia and Lycopodium both have aggravation from this legume.

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